Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gina Marie's Cone of Shame #BB15

She has to wear it for 48 hours and gathered everyone to recite the rules.

GMZ:  This can't leave my neck for 48 hours.  I hafta eat in it, sleep in it, shower in it....I'm already spittin' all over it.

Andy:  It's going to be so stinky!

 You can tell she is loving it, and is a great sport about it.  She doesn't think Elissa can dye her hair with it on, so she will have to wait until it comes off on Monday evening to color her hair.  The cameras show us how serious the situation is right now.

(I wonder how she will purge wearing the Cone of Shame?)

1 comment :

  1. GM taking a bath in the cone was hilarious. She did take it off for a minute while she was in the HOH bed.


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