Friday, August 23, 2013

Gina Marie Begins to Binge #BB15

She is eating slop protein muffins and dipping them into a bowl of milk or something.  She shovels, and there is little savoring or even chewing.

The cameras won't show it very long.  They never do.  But it is happening.

Judd came in and they discussed her birthday again.  She got some cake mix and is going to start baking around 11:00 tonight to prepare for the Have Not Happy Hour.

While she talked she went over and got another muffin, and walked over the counter to eat it, standing up.  She wishes she had made HoH to get a love letter from Nick.

As she hunkers down to eat the cameras move.  GMZ eats standing up, barely tasting as she shoves spoonfuls in her mouth.  Anyone can see she is an emotional eater.

Judd asked Elissa if she was involved in the plan to vote him out. Elissa said no, but said Aaryn talks everyday about what a big move it was, and so does Amanda.

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  1. Watch out, house guests! Bus coming through, and Elissa's behind the wheel! If Elissa wins this season, I may never watch again (well, that's probably a lie, but it's what we do here in the BB house, right?)


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