Friday, August 30, 2013

Everyone Loves a Newly-Stocked Storage Room #BB15

Gina Marie plans to make her semi-famous chicken parm tonight and she takes stock of what is in the fridge.

Gina Marie told Judd that she likes the one-shouldered look, and says he should wear it like a halter like Candice did.  Judd is really hot in that costume and seems like it is really bothering him.

 Once he was alone Judd tried to crawl inside the fridge to cool down a little.

He lifted up his chicken hat to get a little breeze on his scalp.

 The camera guys show us some of the fruit available to the BB15 cast.

Spencer and Andy joined Judd in Storage as they eagerly anticipate McCranda being nominated today.  It sounds like Judd wants McCrae to go....


  1. If GM does this big move, huge props to her. I'm sure if Andy had won, he wouldn' have the ba..guts, let's say guts, to put up Am/Mc!!
    First time in a long time, that I'm actually excited to see the nominations :)!
    Oh and thank you for posting, I love your sarcastic & smart insight on the whole thing!

  2. Amanda and McCrae are already snapping at each other today, so being on the block together won't help matters...

    McCrae told Spencer he was "sick of her shit" or something like that, and he needed a break from it today. Amanda kept pestering him about why he's mad at her and is oblivious that she is crowding him.

  3. I actually love seeing McCrae so saturated with her! I think he is to afraid to break up with her, fearing the hell she would raise. At the same time, he needs to man up eventually. Her going home is the best thing for him. The problem is, people don't see how Amanda would be good to take to the end of the game. McCrae not! He's made no enemies, everyone actually likes him. But they are blinded by her craziness, and don't see past that. If McCrae stays now, it's done. I predict he would win. But again, they are afraid of her reaction, so they probably will decide to get her out first. More chaos is bound to be stirred by her after the Nom Ceremony.

  4. I'm curious though lf how boring this game will get, once Amanda is out. I am so sorry for her folks. They must be mortified by everything she's done. That's one thing people going on reality shows never think about : how this is affecting their families! That would be my first concern. Second: how I'm being percieved by the public! I'm coming out eventually, facing the real world. How can they forget? I just don't understand how that's possible..


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