Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Enjoy the View, Aaryn Fans, While You Can. #BB15

I'm not implying any Super Fans agree with Aaryn's every word and deed, but she does have fans rooting for her.  Aaryn has actually turned out to be a tough little cookie, for someone so young whose alliance was evicted or deserted her a long time ago. 

And even though Aaryn was portrayed as Evil Incarnate in the early weeks of the CBS episodes, somehow she managed to stay around long enough for another house guest to be hated much more than she ever was.  Not necessarily shown on the CBS episodes, but anyone who watches BBAD or the live feeds knows who the Real Bitch(es) are on BB15. The hardcore, stone Bitch(es), right?

And even though it broke my heart to see it, who else would have had the BALLS to blindside Judd like that on the live double eviction?   That shit was COLD so it's no wonder they all want Aaryn out of there this week.  At this point I don't think any remaining evictions can be that unanticipated or as shocking, which could earn Aaryn a few votes to win if she makes it to the end.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture above, but the drawer under Aaryn's bed looks like one of the display drawers in Victoria's Secrets. Sized and colorized, if you've ever worked in retail.

She did a few sets of these, I'll call them "Jump Ups", going from being flat on her stomach to jumping up in the air.  My lower back is sore from just watching this.

You might be wondering what else is going on in the BB house right now.  Well, there is this.

And also this.

So, in other words, not a damn thing.

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