Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elissa Tweets, But Has Nothing to Say (and Yaps About Survivor) #BB15

As HoH, Elissa had the opportunity to tweet yesterday, to let America know what she is thinking.  And the results are about as you'd expect them to be, full of strategy and insight regarding her BB15 game.


She didn't even mention her husband and child(ren).  I mean, WTF?  These tweets are much more enjoyable if you imagine Wil Heuser reading them in his "Elissa Voice".


I would like to comment about Elissa's Survivor chatter in the BB house. I have been a big Survivor fan since the very first season, and trust that I will not be posting spoilers on this website.  I know quite a bit about the upcoming season of Survivor, but as usual I am ashamed of myself for knowing it.  I realize that I don't have to ruin your Survivor viewing pleasure, too, so I will try not to do that.

But I will summarize what I have heard Elissa say about it in a manner that doesn't give too much away.  I hope.

The season of Survivor that will begin airing this September was filmed last spring, starting in late May or early June. The Finale is filmed live, so the players themselves don't know who got the votes to win, however the order that the contestants were booted and the final players in the game is information that leaks out every season. 

I have heard Elissa say the following about Survivor:

*  She and her husband have a home in Arizona, where Hayden was born and raised.  Her husband met Hayden's mother at a golf course and they realized they live a few miles away from each other.  Elissa said Hayden's mother mentioned that Hayden was currently filming Survivor and commented about how the game was going.

*  Elissa repeated what Hayden's mother said, without any apparent care or concern for ruining the upcoming season.  And we all know how Elissa claims to "love CBS" so much.  From what I know about the upcoming season, I knew that what Hayden's mother said was true. 

(You can read my post about this from 7-8-13 at this link, but beware it includes more info about the conversation than you may want to know....) 

*  Yesterday on the live feeds, Elissa started yapping about Hayden being on Survivor again, while sitting with Judd on the patio.  Elissa just loves Hayden, because he is so sweet, and she just loves his girlfriend Kat, because she is "so pretty".  (No, that's not shallow...)

*  She repeated the information AGAIN about Hayden's appearance on Survivor, but did not mention her husband meeting Hayden's mother.   Instead, people all over the internet are blaming Rachel for leaking that information.  As far as I know, Rachel had nothing to do with it, even though she and Hayden played BB12 together.

*  Elissa also yammered on and on about how she would "love to be on Survivor".

*  Then the following conversation happened:

Elissa:  How do the Survivors like, brush their teeth and like, wash their face?

Judd:  What?

Elissa:  Is it like us?  Do they have a bathroom?

Judd:  No.  They probably have to dig a hole back in the woods and go there.

Elissa  There is no bathroom?  Oh my god!  I'd be so embarrassed!  I'm so embarrassed about bodily.....I never go to the bathroom in front of my husband...he never goes to the bathroom in front of me....I'd be so embarrassed!

Once again, I'd like to point out that Elissa said only a few moments before this that she was a BIG Survivor fan and would LOVE to be on the show.

I'm guessing her Survivor knowledge and interest in the game is on par with her Big Brother knowledge and interest in the game.  I would LOVE to see someone like Rachel or Brendon on Survivor because they are fierce competitors and leave it all on the field.  But Elissa?

Don't make me laugh.  Oh and CBS?  Don't expect me to watch, either.

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