Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't Ever Say Aaryn Didn't Teach Us Anything..... #BB15

For example, I just learned how to do a "fishtail" braid from watching the helpful close up camera shots of her creating the braid.  Instead of just using three strands of hair like a traditional braid, you use two large pieces and continually pull out a new strand from either side to pull over the front.

Now, if I could just remember that three years from now when my hair is as long as Aaryn's.  Or I guess I could bolt on a weave.


I'm not a fan of the teased bouffant on top, Aaryn, but everything else is nice.  Teasing is actually very bad for your hair and can cause breakage, but I guess she can just buy new hair in September.  Easy come, easy go.

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