Thursday, August 15, 2013

Did You Know That Elissa Practices Yoga? #BB15

Or that Helen is a Mom?

I took these pictures yesterday and forgot to post them.  I wonder what the yoga community thinks of all this Elissa business.  She is certainly showing America what a consistent yoga practice will do for your body, but of course the drawback might be Elissa herself.

You know, with the whining, and the plastic-wrapped workouts.  And of course her off-the-wall behavior around other human beings.

I feel it is important for you to know that Elissa did these first two poses continuously several times, without touching her left foot to the ground.  A very difficult move, if you've ever tried it.

This one is really hard, too.  In true yoga fashion, Elissa holds these poses, timing her movements with her breath.

The Warrior II pose, of course, with a deep front knee bend.

At one point yesterday, Helen was on the patio talking about one of her old boyfriends.  Not sure if this happened in high school, college, or after college.  Helen said her friends called her boyfriend and his friends the "Nerd Herd" and didn't want her to bring The Nerd to parties because his nerdy friends would show up, too.  Helen then pointed out that within a short period of time, all of her friends ended up dating the Nerd Herd guys.

Someone asked Helen why the relationship didn't work out, and she started launching into some specific details about how The Nerd mistreated her.  Unfortunately the cameras moved to the following view, which we saw for a least 5 minutes, indicating Helen's story may have actually been interesting.  Maybe The Nerd left the movie theater while Helen was in the restroom and she had to find a way home.  (I totally made that up, based on a recurring NIGHTMARE I used to have after a bad break up.)

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