Monday, August 5, 2013

David Catches Waves, Dishes Dirt #BB15

David Girton is still my favorite tweeter among all of the ex-Big Brother 15 house guests.  He tweets a blend of information about his surfing experiences that contains authentic surfer slang, but is not condescending about it.  He also gives us his unfiltered opinions about BB15 as he watches the show.

Here is a sample of what David had to say when he watched last night's CBS show, plus a few other bonus comments.

He loved Judd laughing during the nomination ceremony.  I cracked up myself, watching that.  Judd seemed to lose it when Gina Marie called out Candice for being a snitch and a tattletale.

David is not an Amanda big surprise there.

He's not cool with Andy's behavior, either.

He had fun with his new Big Brother Canada friends. I'm guessing "off the NOX" is good, right?  If the Canadians really wanted to experience California I think they should have gone surfing for a day with David.

Oh and'd better make sure your feet aren't "gronk" if you want to impress David.

He's been watching Aaryn flirt with Judd, and chats with the fans about it.  This fan thinks Judd is an "alcoholic smoker" who would need "magic powers" to attract Aaryn.

 Just a guess, but I think David is over Aaryn now....

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