Thursday, August 8, 2013

Conclusion: Tonight's Live Show Will Indeed Be Live #BB15

Although a short tape delay might be in order, just in case some shit goes down.  Everyone is getting ready for tonight in their own way.

Judd is shaving, while Amanda brushes her chompers.  She got her period last night and that is the latest topic she is bitching about non-stop.   You can hear drilling and other construction noises from the backyard, even in the bathroom.

Candice is awfully chipper for someone whose eviction was supposed to be guaranteed for tonight.  Someone mentions Hot Pockets and Candice tells the group that "they don't know...she can fuck up a Hot Pocket at home".

McCrae brushes his teeth, too, if you're wondering.  Will he be a single man in a few hours?  We can only hope...

Andy took this empty paper towel roll and did a very funny experiment, bopping everyone on the head to see whose head was more empty.  It ended up being a tie between Jessie and Andy, I think.

Candice even did a little dancing, and told them about a nasty song that was her favorite in New Orleans.

Then she taught Andy and Elissa a little dance, with popping and snapping.  Andy displays little natural gift of rhythm, but his moves are actually better than they appear in these pictures.

 I don't think I've heard Jessie say one word at all, even when being bopped on the head by Andy with the paper towel roll.  I guess that means she is pouting about some perceived slight.  She usually is...

Judd just finished showering and says his skin is finally clearing up.  He is nervous about tonight but says since he is ready for a double eviction, he hopes they have one.

Helen is running through the house and the sound of her shoes pounding makes me want to slap the shit out of her.  Seriously if I was in there I might trip her or maybe shove her against the wall as she ran by.  We are about the same size, so it would be quite a match up, I think. 

Would I make TMZ like Spencer did?  Maybe, if Helen ran around enough to piss me off.  And probably, if she was chirping "hello!" at people as she ran by like she is doing today.  Helen Kim isn't capable of doing anything quietly.

Guess who's wearing the Bear Shirt tonight?

I was right about Jessie.  Candice asked her what was wrong and she is nearly in tears over something Judd said to her.  Apparently she was moaning in her sleep and Judd said it sounded like she was "getting railed in her dreams" and now she is upset about it.

 Jessie:  He's supposed to be, like my friend here!

Candice:  Well, did you talk to him about it?

Candice is probably thinking, bitch, I'm on the block.  Take care of your own problems.

Judd came in to floss his teeth and sensing confrontation, BB asks Jessie to put on her microphone.

 Sorry to post these, Judd, but it's funny.

Judd left the room and then Jessie unleashed, "crying" that she is so sick of living in an environment like this, where "no one is a good Christian" and "everyone treats everyone like crap".  Then fucking Helen came in and after she heard this, and ran to go get Judd so that he could apologize.

Judd came in and when Jessie asked him why he is there, he said "Helen told him to".  Now Jessie gets in his face about it and Judd said he was just kidding when he told her to "shut the fuck up" and that he was only making a joke to Andy about her moaning in her sleep.

Judd:  I thought you'd think it's funny, with the way you talk about butterscotch all the time and all.

Judd maintains a pleasant face as he tells Helen that Jessie is just looking for attention like she always does, and he is sick of it, and so is everyone else in the house.

Judd:  Just don't talk to me again while we're are always making excuses for drama and you make things miserable for me here.  Everyone hates you in this house.


Judd:  You should have tried out for the Real World, Jessie, it might have been a better fit for you.

Great job Helen!  Another successful maneuver!

(Judd better hope Jessie doesn't win HoH, right?)

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