Sunday, August 4, 2013

Candice Unveils her Clownietard #BB15

This Flashback happened last night about 7:00 pm BBT.  Candice "won" the Clownietard costume which she must wear for one week.  She obviously had no idea how to play the gift exchange PoV competition.

She should have known that trading for the PoV when there were still people on the block who would take their turns after her would trade the PoV for something awful.

I know Candice is going to hate wearing that wig all week---when Kristin had to wear an Afro with her Hippietard during BB12 she said it was itchy and made her head sweat.  I guess on the plus side it will save Candice many hours that she usually spends fixing her hair every day.

She says at least five times that the outfit is too small and that they are getting her a smaller one.  I guess she wants it to be skin tight.  McCrae asks her to save the first costume, so "he can wear it".  Poor McCrae was really looking forward to experiencing some Big Brother punishments and he didn't even get to play in this PoV.

Candice is trying to be a good sport, but this is going to be a crappy week for Candice and I'm sure will need every ounce of strength to get through it without snapping.

Candice:  It's part of Big Brother to have to wear this....


She can't really breathe wearing that nose, so Big Brother told her that she could take breaks from wearing it.  (Not trying to be a bitch, but couldn't she breath through her mouth?)

No one is enjoying this more than Aaryn and the "real" Clownie.

The nose makes a honking noise and Elissa likes that.  I have also heard Elissa say she wanted to wear the unitard, but I can't see her wearing that wig, can you?  They gave Candice a choice between wearing the skirt or a big collar and she chose the skirt, obviously.

Candice:  I have to wear it for a week....or until I get evicted, obviously.

Aaryn is Shutting her Hole, and is letting everyone else do the talking.  Really, what else needs to be said at this point?

Judd objects to the skirt, holding up Clownie and saying that Clownie would never wear a skirt.

Clownie wears the collar, not the skirt, as Judd points out.

Candice:  When I get the tighter one, I might switch to the collar, yeah.

(I would think if the Clownie tard were skin tight, she would want to wear the little skirt, for obvious reasons.  But whatever.)

Candice wants to do a DR session with Clownie and Judd keeps yammering about Candice needing a collar and  a hat to look just like Clownie.

Judd:  Clownie would never leave home without a collar around his neck.  (ha ha ha)

Candice:  But that collar just choked the fuck out of was too much sensory stuff, with the nose, the wig...I just couldn't...when I get my tight sexy one, then me and Clownie will be twins.

Judd badgered her into showing them how the skirt looks as a collar, and she does it.  (Damn Judd is being a bitch!  I love it!)

Elissa wants a crinoline skirt, too, and speaks into her microphone, saying they need a tighter unitard and another crinoline skirt.

BB:  Elissa, Stop That!

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