Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blast From the Past - Way Back in Late June... #BB15

The BB15 live feeds have really slowed to a crawl during the day, haven't they?  The house guests rarely seem to drag ass out of bed before noon here on the east coast, even on the live show days.

So while I worked today I set my CBS live feed on a Flashback, from midnight on the third day of the BB15 live feeds.  That was a busy time in the house, with 16 people packed in there, and there seemed to be a conversation going on in every room.  McCrae was the first HoH, and Candice and Jessie were on the block for eviction.  (I think...)

A few tidbits for you...

Aaryn and Jessie took a soak in the HoH bathtub, while Nick sat alongside them, chattering away.  This is Jessie getting out of the tub.  Check out how much smaller she was way back then.  Nick described a vivid dream he had of being able to check the messages on his phone while he was in the house.  Aaryn said in kind of a flirty manner that he was dreaming about things he wanted, but couldn't have.

And yes, Nick was wearing his blue hat.  Actually McCrae's blue hat, but whatever.

Jeremy was glued to Kaitlin's side, even back then.   There was a lot of discussion about the PoV, where they had to crawl through the honey to get letters to spell things.  Jeremy mentioned wanting to spell "champion".  (ha ha ha) 

And look who was there...good old David Girton.

Helen came in the room and one of the first things she said was to David, saying that it was a little late for him to be awake.  (One of David's flaws in the BB game was going to bed so early, and missing out on making more solid connections...)  You can take one look at Helen's pose in this picture and see The Helen that would emerge in the house as the season progressed. 

When Helen came in the room Jeremy pretended not to see her, and told Kaitlin that the first thing they needed to do was to "get that trick Helen out of there".  But once he had to repeat it a few times for Helen it was hardly funny.  Helen said that David was very fast diving through the honey.  Also I could hear Candice going on and on about the PoV competition, saying she "didn't want to be a Kathy".  (i.e. Sheriff Kathy from BB12, who could not crawl through competition sludge to save her life)

In the Have Not Room Helen was a resident, along with Elissa and Judd.  Judd looked in the ashtrays of the rows of airline seats and found trash and gum in some of them.  (ha ha ha)  Helen didn't believe it so Judd had to show her.  GMZ came in the room to visit and had a hard time believing that people ever smoked on airplanes.  (Shows you how old some of the aircraft in the sky are today....lots of ashtrays sill exist on the armrests...)

Also, I didn't get a picture of it, but Amanda and Gina Marie dressed up in McCrae and Nick's clothing and then walked around the house, impersonating them.  When Amanda visited the Have Not room to put on her McCrae act for the Have Nots Elissa started talking to her about her acting skills, and her training as an actress.

Helen said she couldn't believe Amanda even got McCrae to take off those shorts, since he wore them non-stop.  (bossy and critical).  Amanda "joked" that she could get McCrae out of his shorts at any time. (bossy and overtly sexual).

It's fun to go back and watch the Flashbacks, knowing what we know now, and seeing that everyone was always exactly how they are now, with the benefit of hindsight.

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