Friday, August 9, 2013

Behold Andy's New Shirt #BB15

It was in his HoH room, but I think it was one that was confiscated before the game started in June.  Production let him have the kitty cat shirt, but they didn't let him have this one when the game started.

Those are ribs and organs on there, including a heart.  My dog has a Halloween costume that is similar, from Target, but it is black and the heart is in the traditional shape.

Amanda's ass is hanging out this morning.

 Apparently Andy's "power moves" this week will be to nominate Jessie and Spencer.  Jessie is apparently the target, but if Jessie wins the PoV Gina Marie will go up in her place and Andy will convince Jessie that GMZ was the target all along.

I wonder if Andy asked Helen's permission to execute this plan?

Ooooo  now Amanda says why not put up Helen if Spencer wins the PoV?  McCrae points out that Dan put Memphis on the block as a pawn, and says this would prove their loyalty to Helen when she stays in the house.

Amanda warns Andy not to say anything to anyone about it until the PoV is over.

Hmmmm.  Interesting.


  1. I want that t-shirt!! Anyone know where I could find it??

  2. Maybe you can do an image search on Google like they do on that Catfish show.

    I think the ends of the "ribs" have little hands at the end of them, and there is what looks like a banana laying on it's back in the lower right of the picture.

    Is the banana being digested? If so, that is kind of gross.

  3. If anyone is looking for Andy's rib cage shirt, here you go...someone is also selling them on ebay for twice the price.


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