Saturday, August 31, 2013

Attention Hungry Reality Star Tries to Use Aaryn for Publicity #BB15

Another reality star from Texas is now trying to get a few minutes of attention by dragging herself into the whole "Aaryn is racist" controversy.

I don't watch the show she's on, so I have no idea who this lady is, or what she is all about.  You can read the article on TMZ here.

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  1. I watch Big Rich Texas. Its about a group of women that are wealthy and go to the same country club.
    As someone who has family from the South (including Texas)my family for the most part is not racist and would never say things like Aaryn said. However, my family (BB US fans since season 1) and I have discussed Aaryn and the other house guests racist comments and we have realized that comments like this often come out of the mouths of lower class (and I'm talking about upbringing, not socioeconomic class) uneducated people. I think most Southerners would like to be known for their hospitality, not racism which is still a big issue.


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