Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Lonely Tanning Session #BB15

The music went off just now, and Amanda dragged ass out of bed with McCrae right behind her.  She is lucky to have someone to support her with this, but as usual seems to take this support for granted.

She went in the bathroom to put on the white bikini, which is now orange, of course.

She pressed the buttons a few times, and McCrae called out to BB that the tanning booth isn't working.  I think they were yanking her chain.   They took their own sweet time starting the tanning spray since Amanda took her own sweet time getting out there.

 When the spray finally started it was cold. She squealed when it hit her butt, too.

 When it was over Amanda went in the bathroom and turned on the shower to get the water nice and hot.  She used a blowdryer to warm herself and Big Brother told her to "stop that".

Amanda:  What?  It's been six hours since my last tanning session...I can shower!

She went in the DR to ask them about it.

The DR said no.  Amanda went back to the bathroom and tuned off the shower, using the blowdryer to warm herself.

Looking orange, huh?  I think Amanda's about half-finished with this punishment.  But if she has to wait six hours to shower after the last tanning session, we're all going to enjoy her tan for long after today, right?
She was rubbing her legs with a towel and Big Brother said "Amanda, shut it down!"

Amanda:  I'm fucking sticky, all right?  The fucking toilet seat is sticky, ok?

Ha ha ha.  The crew would probably work for free this weekend.  Just for the chance to torture Amanda.

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