Thursday, August 1, 2013

And Now They Start to Fall #BB15

They get a break every few minutes.  Spencer gives spirited shout outs.

Judd asked McCrae if he brought cigarettes out.  He did, but no lighters.

 The wheel started going in the opposite direction, and Spencer falls.  Candice falls, too.

Amanda is down.  Now Helen falls.  And Elissa, who is not happy.  I heard Production reprimand McCrae for walking backwards.  He talks back, saying he wasn't doing that.  FISH.

Jessie is still up.  So is McCrae, and Gina Marie.   Andy just fell.  Judd is down. 

McCrae realizes he didn't put deodarant on, and Amanda starts saying I told you so.

Judd:  Stop talking and focus.  Think about your steps.  Seeing your family.

McCrae:  I've got carny blood in me.

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