Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amanda's Dad Speaks, Part Deux #BB15

In July Amanda's father Robert Zuckerman did a Q & A interview with TV Fishbowl that is quite interesting.  If you've been following her family story, her father has gone through a series of stages as he watches his daughter on Big Brother 15.

The first interviews he did were overwhelmingly supportive, but a lot has happened since then.  He has gotten in a few intense Twitter wars and has now protected his Twitter account.  I was following that for awhile but did not cover it here out of respect for her family.  I only wish I had a father who was half as cool as Amanda's dad, so I gave him a break.

You will want to follow this link to read the TV Fishbowl article.  Robert discusses the McCranda showmance, and also says he wishes his daughter would lay back and not play so aggressively, and to tone down her sexuality.

No doubt, huh?  Amanda's mother has stopped watching the live feeds altogether, and some of the fans have made her little sister cry on Facebook. 

We should all remember that the house guests are human beings, with families who are likely mortified at least half of the time.  Let's not take it out on them....

Here is the link to the full article again.  Thanks TV Fishbowl!


  1. Her dad seems like a nice guy. But I have to say that I find it extra super creepy that he tweeted a topless picture of her (band-aids included) pushing for people to make her the MVP.

  2. Oh Groucho...I didn't see that. Maybe he misunderstood the MVP votes the last two weeks....

    Yeah, that is Super Creepy Squared.

    Daddy's little girl...


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