Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amanda's "50 Shades of Orange" Begins... #BB15

Shortly after Candice unveiled her Clownietard, some disco-type music pumped through the speakers and McCrae started cheering.  Everyone gathered by the backdoor in preparation for the entertainment to come.

Note that Candice put on the Clownietard collar after being badgered by Judd about it.  Ha ha ha.

McCrae:  This was the best PoV ever!

Helen:  It's the PoV that keeps on giving!

When the backyard opens they notice the hammock is gone, and Spencer shouts out to "play the music some more".  Judd called for Jessie to join them and Elissa was babbling non-stop about Amanda "having to do Mystic Tan" and how "it is so amazing".

The tanning booth is surrounded by velvet ropes.  Amanda is in the DR right now, wearing a light blue robe, but I expect her to join the group shortly.   McCrae starts fiddling with the back of the booth and we get FISH, probably as they give instructions about the rules.  Or maybe they just scolded McCrae for meddling with things.

In the bathroom Candice is trying to decide which to wear, the skirt or the collar, as Amanda comes out of the WC wearing what I guess is her tanning bikini and a shower cap.

Amanda likes the skirt, rather than the "neck thing", saying at least Candice can pull the skirt around where ever she wants to.

Amanda covers herself with a robe.  I don't think Candice acknowledged her at all.  She keeps talking aloud to Big Brother about her skirt vs. collar decision and doesn't say anything about Amanda's predicament.
Everyone outside gathered for a front row seat of the tanning action.  Note that Elissa and Candice are in the bathroom looking at the Clownietard.  On purpose, maybe?

Amanda shifts so that the tanning spray can be applied evenly.

She has something in her mouth that must be a safety thing.  (I've never spray tanned---I have the old fashioned natural version.)

 I think she just jacked the bottoms up a little to get more cheek coverage.  She knows we're watching, of course.

Amanda gets out and her tan looks good, but how good will it look after doing this every hour on the hour?  Other than that, this seems a lot better than having to dip in chum and then have to shower off.  I'm sure whoever has to clean the backyard would agree with me on that.

Amanda is speaking, but we can't hear what she says because the damn audio is tuned into Candice baby-talking Big Brother about her damned Clownietard.   We can hear the bathroom sink running at full blast so we know that Elissa Slater is either peeing or pooping right now.  Just thought you'd like to know.

Finally the audio changes and I hear Aaryn say that "it's not a real spray tan", so maybe it will wash off.  Amanda says that her feet look like she dipped them in a bag of Cheetos.

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