Friday, August 30, 2013

Amanda: How Dare Gina Marie Nominate Me! #BB15

Amanda marched up to the HoH to confront Gina Marie, and couldn't believe Gina Marie didn't warn her beforehand.

GMZ:  You're not allowed to tell people when you're HoH..

Amanda tells her that "they weren't going after her", but now "there is a big target on her now, after this".

Amanda:  If Spencer or Andy wins PoV, they're taking one of us off!

GMZ stands her ground, and tells her that she and McCrae are a strong duo.  Amanda says Aaryn was right, and she can't believe Gina Marie didn't talk to her about it first.  Gina Marie also said when McCrae came in the house he was winning things and had the fire to win, and now his game has gone nowhere.

Judd came in and said, "oh I guess we're all supposed to just give up and let you win".

Amanda:  Oh, now I I see how it is...

Judd:  I just heard you say to put me on the block!

Amanda started to get upset and left the HoH room, starting to cry (or fake cry) and say she doesn't care anymore, and just wants to leave now.

Judd:  Love you too, Amanda.

Gina Marie laughs softly in Judd's direction and says "well, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, huh?'

Amanda is starting to rage now, and goes into the Have Not room to cry and soon McCrae joins her.

 Amanda:  I just want to leave, I want this to be over.  You will stay here and you will win.

Meanwhile, in the Cockpit:

Judd:  The two of them think they're so much better than everybody else, like they can't be nominated.

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