Friday, August 9, 2013

Amanda Dreamed of Her Ex-Boyfriend #BB15

She is telling the entire group about her dream about her ex-boyfriend, making sure to add that in the dream, her mother was very upset with her about breaking up with a "lawyer who made a good living" for "someone like McCrae".

Elissa:  Your Jew?

Amanda:  Yeah, Adam.

This is McCrae, listening to Amanda talk about the dream.  I'm sure McCrae's mother would love to visit him in a dream and  pass along her feelings about his "engagement".  Just sayin'...

The dream was very involved and involved a woman being murdered, and it turned out to be her.

After Amanda left Spencer came out with a breakfast sandwich for himself and also McCrae, who was super-appreciative.

Spencer told McCrae that the girls are definitely targeting all of the guys, and if McCrae is on the block with Amanda, the girls will vote him out.  (That is an interesting view, because many of the fans think McCrae will be able to use Amanda as a shield.)

McCrae says please keep this quiet, but he would like Elissa to go next.  He is very worried that evicting Judd was a big mistake, helping the girls' alliance evict another man.   Spencer agrees it was not a move that was best for McCrae, under the circumstances.

McCrae:  I know Amanda was dead set on Judd being the MVP, but if I find out that when this is over that he wasn't, I'm going to be really upset.  Like, really upset.

(McCrae is going to be upset about a host of other topics when the game is over, right?)

McCrae:  If I find out Elissa was MVP, I'm going to think that was the worst move of the whole game.

Spencer:  I don't know if wearing a Bear Shirt from Wal-Mart is enough to win  you MVP---he said there were only 2,300 people in his whole that enough votes for an MVP?

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