Saturday, August 31, 2013

Amanda: Boo Hoo. **retch** Boo Hoo. #BB15

The PoV is over and McCrae won.  There is an air of relaxation among this group, chuckling and blowing off steam, and GMZ says at least one of them is going home.

 Then we see McCrae pace in the bathroom, looking miserable, even though he won.

 He knocked on the door and then went inside, where we could hear Amanda sob.

Then we heard her vomit.  Over and over.  I heard no talking, just the sound of the water splashing and the retching. Although it could be McCrae's vomit, too, since they have "throw up buckets" in the competition.

 Then I saw Amanda in the yellow tutu, walking in the kitchen to get ice for her hand.  I guess she has to wear the tutu.  It could be worse.

Amanda told him it was for the best.  He ended up saving himself in the game, and that's better.

Amanda wonders who GMZ will put up...maybe Spencer?

McCrae looks better already, doesn't he?  Chin up McCrae...if you hadn't won today, your ass was going to the Jury to stew with those three angry women.

Amanda wonders if there is anything they can do...push for Judd maybe?  McCrae thinks.  It won't be easy, he says.

McCrae:  God I hate her stupid fucking face.  She looks like she got stung by a bunch of bees or something.  I just wanted to throw my throw-up bucket at her, but they wouldn't let me...

Amanda:  I have so much shit to pack up.

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