Friday, August 9, 2013

About Last Night.... #BB15

So, you might know by now that Andy Herren won the 2nd HoH Competition held last night, after the live show ended.  This was the competition that used the ramp and rolling ball structure that they practiced with on Wednesday night.  (You can see that here.)

I'm not sure that was a good move for Andy, because he didn't need to win and since the MVP twist is over, there will be no mysterious third nomination.

I'm bored already thinking of his nominations, because last night on the live feeds they were all talking about "doing what the house wants".


I would love Andy to make an unexpected power move, like putting up one of the duos of Amanda & McCrae or Helen & Elissa.  However based on the game Andy is playing, it would be too early for him to rock the boat.  I guess he might target Aaryn, but really who knows.

I am super disappointed that Judd was voted out last night.  He was one of the few decent people left who was playing the game.  Most people would say the MVP twist screwed him over, because he was being blamed the last two weeks for America's vote.

I am going to say that Amanda is the one who nailed Judd's BB coffin shut.  Not only was she convinced that Judd was MVP and nominated her, but she spilled a secret that Judd told her that led to his downfall.

When Judd was in isolation, he told people that he overheard Kaitlin in the hallway saying she was targeting Helen.  When Helen heard that, she turned her back on Kaitlin and pushed for her eviction.  McCrae and Amanda ended up discussing this with Judd a week or so after Kaitlin left, and they agreed to keep his lie a secret.  They also realized how smart Judd is, and McCrae wanted to use him as a backup when Amanda left the game.

But Amanda can't keep a secret, so she had a few glasses of wine and before the evening was over, she started telling people about Judd's lie.  It made Judd look sketchy, and diabolical---the direct opposite of his simple, country boy persona.  So let this be a lesson for future contestants on Big Brother:  a secret is a secret is a secret.  Know your role and shut your hole, because their will be plenty of time after the game is over to confess your sins.

I believe America will have another vote in a few weeks, to decide which of the Jury members will come back in the game.  I would hope that America could vote to "tag team" someone by having Judd replace them, but I know America could not handle that type of complicated concept.


I guess we'll never know for sure, but after the live show Aaryn told people that she and Judd kissed after the halfway party on Wednesday.  (The feeds were shut down for a few hours and the house guests had pizza, cake, and danced their asses off to loud music.  Oh, and they got drunk, too.)

What will Jessie do with that information?  FYI this is gross and tasteless, but yesterday Gina Marie told Spencer and Judd that Jessie left a pair of panties with nasty skidmarks on them laying on the bedroom floor.  McCrae showed them to Judd and Spencer and they talked "crap"  (pun intended) about Jessie for a few minutes.

I think Jessie will find out about this, too, and then who knows what will happen?  I don't think she wants to tangle with GMZ though, because that skank fights DIRTY.  Case in Point:  Her LOW BLOW about Candice being adopted on Candice's way out of the door last night.

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