Monday, August 5, 2013

Aaryn Toys With Judd #BB15

Judd is laying on the HoH bed with Aaryn, while Gina Marie lays next to them listening to Christina Aquilera.

Aaryn is hating on Jessie big time, and wants Judd to start saying things in front of Jessie to drive her crazy.  Things like commenting on how hot Aaryn looks  to make Jessie jealous.

Aaryn:  I'd love to make her can I do that?

Judd:  She's already almost done it twice.....I don't see how she would be jealous, she don't even like me...

Judd doesn't agree to this plan, but says Jessie is so emotional he has to watch himself with her.  She has flip-flopped a number of times over the last week and he wonders when she will turn on him.  When she approached him about voting out Amanda this week he just told her that it was too early.

Judd would rather see Elissa leave before Jessie, but says they need to wait and see who wins HoH.  Judd says Amanda has got to stop freaking out and grilling people, blowing up and starting fights.  Aaryn told Judd that Jessie tells everyone that she is just using him.

 My new favorite tweeter was watching this, too, and had the following to say.

I'm not even going to pick on David's spelling...we know what he means here.  And Judd's friends are watching the live feeds, too.

 Here is the latest update on Amanda's tan and "engagement" plans.  She is planning on having her "bachelorette party" tonight (***retch***) and Elissa has been making a cake for her.  She made frosting this morning and announced that it was very fattening and was not part of her usual diet.  She used powdered sugar, butter, and half and half.  Once she was finished she added pink Crystal light powder for color and flavoring.  Everyone who tasted it said it was delicious..

Amanda also told Helen and Elissa a story that Big Brother didn't want us to hear.  It was a story about Amanda freaking out because she didn't have her medication, and how she went in the DR and kept asking them about it, and what they kept saying to her.

I can only guess that the story ended with her getting her pills, but maybe Big Brother has been listening to Aaryn point out to GMZ her suspicions that Amanda is not taking the proper dosage of Adderall.  Aaryn has noticed that Amanda started taking double the amount she first took in the house, and had a stash of pills stored in the bedroom.  Aaryn also explained exactly how Adderall works, and said that Amanda's reactions to things and other behavior indicate that she may be taking way too much.


David has something to say about this, too.

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