Friday, August 16, 2013

A Poor Fashion Choice for Helen Kim #BB15

What was Helen thinking, borrowing Gina Marie's dress for the live show?  Did she lose a bet?

Here's how Gina Marie rocks the dress---it's an ugly rag, but at least GMZ wears the dress, instead of the dress wearing her.

And let's compare Gina Marie rocking the stripper dress, with what she wore for the live show.

I'll bet Elissa told both of them they looked "amazing".  That's what frenemies are for, right?


After the show McCrae apparently admitted that he threw his last HoH round to Amanda, so that she could win HoH.

And Elissa was saying that if she is evicted on Thursday night, she will just go home and skip the Jury.  Helen bawled afterwards, probably upset about losing Elissa's Jury vote.

Of course Elissa won't do that.  She is just a drama queen in addition to being a poor sport and a horrible competitor.   If CBS shows what she said to Aaryn and Gina Marie during the live show last night on the Sunday night CBS clip show, it's not going to be pretty.  She apparently objected to having to sit between them, because they are "both disgusting", or something along those lines.

Aaryn is already mentioning Helen as "being gone" next week, so that is a strong indication of what she plans to accomplish this week, in her 4th HoH reign.

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