Friday, August 30, 2013

A Big Prize, and a Big Mess #BB15

They were locked down in the HoH for quite a while, while we watched TRIVIA.  When the feeds returned there is confetti scattered all over the house.  I think they had to pop balloons and Spencer won $10,000.

Everyone is sweeping.   Amanda keeps saying her back hurts and someone needs to tell the DR to "get a Shop Vac".  Maybe she can also bellow for Craft Service, too.

 Gina Marie is in a lot of pain and Spencer thinks she broke her toe.  (She fell down the spiral staircase earlier today, and I guess her toe got the brunt of it.)

Spencer gave a lot of helpful imformation about taping it and how the marrow will need to heal, maybe by December.  He told her to get the pain pills and take them right before a competition so she can play hard, like an athlete.

Looks black and blue to me...

Gina Marie moans for the Medic to get there, fast.

Judd says this is the hottest costume ever and his head is sweating under the chicken hat.

Spencer:  If I had hair, it would be wet.

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  1. Elissa needs to stop drawing attention on herself and squash this feud once and for all! She's a mother and should be more responsible, not react like a child in front of Amanda! Just brush it off!! She's just making a target of herself, and I could easily see her get put up after the Veto Comp, sitting next to McCrae or Amanda. She needs to pay more attention to other, like GM's problem, instead of always having to be the center of attention. She is the only one I'm rooting for at this point. I'm not a big fan of Judd, I just don't find him interesting at all. He could kill someone with boredom, honestly!


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