Saturday, August 31, 2013

Amanda: Boo Hoo. **retch** Boo Hoo. #BB15

The PoV is over and McCrae won.  There is an air of relaxation among this group, chuckling and blowing off steam, and GMZ says at least one of them is going home.

 Then we see McCrae pace in the bathroom, looking miserable, even though he won.

 He knocked on the door and then went inside, where we could hear Amanda sob.

Then we heard her vomit.  Over and over.  I heard no talking, just the sound of the water splashing and the retching. Although it could be McCrae's vomit, too, since they have "throw up buckets" in the competition.

 Then I saw Amanda in the yellow tutu, walking in the kitchen to get ice for her hand.  I guess she has to wear the tutu.  It could be worse.

Amanda told him it was for the best.  He ended up saving himself in the game, and that's better.

Amanda wonders who GMZ will put up...maybe Spencer?

McCrae looks better already, doesn't he?  Chin up McCrae...if you hadn't won today, your ass was going to the Jury to stew with those three angry women.

Amanda wonders if there is anything they can do...push for Judd maybe?  McCrae thinks.  It won't be easy, he says.

McCrae:  God I hate her stupid fucking face.  She looks like she got stung by a bunch of bees or something.  I just wanted to throw my throw-up bucket at her, but they wouldn't let me...

Amanda:  I have so much shit to pack up.

Judd Enjoys a Snack #BB15

Andy and Gina Marie were enjoying a private moment in the HoH bed, chattering about the fact that they were the first two people to walk in the BB15 house, and now they want to be the last two to leave.  They have a Final Two deal and then Andy says he sees "their friend Judd" coming back upstairs.

Judd plopped down on the couch and started eating.  It's a roast beef and pepperjack cheese sandwich and Andy makes him say that three times before he understands what is between the bread.

Andy brings up Judd's habit of putting peanut butter and meat on his sandwiches.

Judd:  Yeah.  When I was a kid I wanted to know what was in my sandwich, you know?  So I'd make it myself, with cheese and peanut butter and stuff.  And I loved it, and still do...

 Andy:  Are you a crunchy peanut butter guy?  Or creamy?

Judd, swallowing:  Creamy.  Crunchy breaks the bread!

(True, unless you toast it first.)

Judd tells Gina Marie she went farther in the game than her "friend Alex" (BB9) and JoJo.  Then they discussed the house guest who backed out at the last minute a few years ago (BB12).

Judd:  Some Mexican lady...her picture was up on but I don't know what happened.  Maybe she backed out or somethin'...

(Rumor has it that Chelsea Hart from Real Networks said something to her in her pre-season interview that scared her.  I've heard Chelsea ask contestants if they are ready to have cameras watch them all the time, even in the shower, so maybe that is what she said.  That was the last year Chelsea did the Real interviews, I think.  I am pretty sure I heard Evel Dick tell that story on his show, but of course he hates Chelsea so who knows.)

Judd mentions that McCrae told him Chef Joe was an alternate last year.  Then they say that Kaitlin told the entire house that she was an alternate this year.

I guess McCrae hasn't told anybody about his own situation, huh?  (Remember this?)

I really wanted to like McCrae when this season started.  I wanted him to be my favorite and turn into the anti-hero of the game.  But we all know how that story will end, right?

Judd Admits He's Swagged Out #BB15

which is some sort of tanning product by Pauly D.

GMZ:  By Pauly D?   For real?

Judd:  Yeah...he's got three kinds of it...

GMZ:  You've got to come to Staten Island, Judd.  I'll fix you up with some real ho's...

Judd:  You and me and JoJo need to go out!

FYI - On the very first CBS episode, you may recall that Judd said he was hoping there would be a girl from Staten Island in the house, because he wanted to hang out with someone totally different from the people he knows at home. 

I don't think Gina Marie is his type, but he'd be willing to take JoJo for a spin.  Just a guess.

Gina Marie has a cold pack on her foot, so I guess the toe isn't broken.

They all laugh, thinking that the evicted house guests must be loving what is happening this week.

Judd:  Nick is probably loving this...

GMZ:  And Howard?  Ha ha ha and Kaitlin and Jeremy?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Judd:  I'm pretty sure Kaitlin doesn't have a picture of me on the mantle or anything...

The Exterminators Have a Signature Move #BB15

They "pump up" the bug sprayer first, and then spray the ground.  Look for some of that during today's PoV competition, which is happening right now.  Gina Marie is really excited about the new moves and asks for help to make sure her hand placement is correct.  (I thought she would be more experienced, what with all of the Staten Island cock-a-roaches and all..)

Judd is going to be the PoV host, unless there is an outside host brought in.  Judd said he asked McCrae and Amanda why they didn't pick him for house guest choice to play.

Judd:  McCrae said he didn't think I would use it to save them...I said I'd use it on both of them!

The Exterminators laugh. Judd and Spencer are both happy that they don't have to wear the chicken suit anymore.  That was a short 48 hours, but the punishments are usually over early, once Production gets the footage they need.  For example, the 24 hour isolations are usually only about 20 hours long, probably to coincide with some of the crew shifts.  It's all a business, with budgets and the usual cost-control initiatives.

Andy thinks McCrae seems really defeated, and that Gina Marie's speech really hit him hard.

Andy:  McCrae was crying in there last night...

Judd:  Well, tears don't work on me.....especially when Amanda was up here last night with the fake crocodile tears.

GMZ:  You know what they're crying about?  They're crying about leaving each other....Amanda was in there saying she didn't want to be without him....I was without Nick for two months!

I've noticed The Exterminators try to ignore any of Gina Marie's frequent mentions of Nick....I guess they want to believe they are aligned with someone who is sane.

Judd is disappointed that he doesn't get to play in the PoV today.  Spencer says it is extra-important that they all take punishments, if that applies today, since Judd won't be able to take any.  They know McCrae will take all of the punishments that he can today.  They know that Elissa probably won't take any, but she also isn't likely to take any prizes.

McCrae needs to win, if he is going to stay in the game....The Exterminators are ready to squash him like a proverbial bug.

And what is McCranda doing now, to prepare for this crucial competition?  I'm someone who really appreciates a good restful nap, but maybe they should be getting pumped up to win, right?


I took this picture earlier today, so you could see GMZ's mini-shrine to Nick on the side table.  She has the OTEV "love letter" for Nick, "his" blue hat and coffee cup.

You've got to admire her consistency....

Attention Hungry Reality Star Tries to Use Aaryn for Publicity #BB15

Another reality star from Texas is now trying to get a few minutes of attention by dragging herself into the whole "Aaryn is racist" controversy.

I don't watch the show she's on, so I have no idea who this lady is, or what she is all about.  You can read the article on TMZ here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Regrets Sink In.. #BB15

I think McCrae is smart enough to know he made a Big Fat Big-Boobed Mistake this summer right?

But then again, he was stupid enough to waste his game on her...

Amanda: How Dare Gina Marie Nominate Me! #BB15

Amanda marched up to the HoH to confront Gina Marie, and couldn't believe Gina Marie didn't warn her beforehand.

GMZ:  You're not allowed to tell people when you're HoH..

Amanda tells her that "they weren't going after her", but now "there is a big target on her now, after this".

Amanda:  If Spencer or Andy wins PoV, they're taking one of us off!

GMZ stands her ground, and tells her that she and McCrae are a strong duo.  Amanda says Aaryn was right, and she can't believe Gina Marie didn't talk to her about it first.  Gina Marie also said when McCrae came in the house he was winning things and had the fire to win, and now his game has gone nowhere.

Judd came in and said, "oh I guess we're all supposed to just give up and let you win".

Amanda:  Oh, now I I see how it is...

Judd:  I just heard you say to put me on the block!

Amanda started to get upset and left the HoH room, starting to cry (or fake cry) and say she doesn't care anymore, and just wants to leave now.

Judd:  Love you too, Amanda.

Gina Marie laughs softly in Judd's direction and says "well, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, huh?'

Amanda is starting to rage now, and goes into the Have Not room to cry and soon McCrae joins her.

 Amanda:  I just want to leave, I want this to be over.  You will stay here and you will win.

Meanwhile, in the Cockpit:

Judd:  The two of them think they're so much better than everybody else, like they can't be nominated.