Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who Knew David Was So Observant? And Chatty? #BB15

And who knew David can spell, and use punctuation properly?

If you don't know, David is on Twitter and is very responsive and chatty with his fans.  He even set up an hour where he answered everybody's questions and seems to be recovering nicely.  Here is just a sample of the things that David has been sharing with the Twitterverse.

For starters, he knows Jeremy has been hitting that.

 And he has a few thoughts after watching Andy on the live feeds.

McCrae reminds him of something, too, but I am not a big enough nerd to be able to agree or disagree.
Something tells me David is not going to join The Helen Kim Fan Club.

I wonder if this is new info for David, or if he noticed it in the house.

And Aaryn?  The girl of his dreams?

David is not in The Nick Uhas Fan Club, either.

 I can only imagine what David was watching on the live feeds when he made the following Tweets.

 Spencer might take this as a compliment, actually.

But not Gina Marie.  These are fighting words for GMZ.

As for Davids future plans, he's not going to lifeguard anymore.  At least, not in July.  As you can see he gives good Tweet so you might want to add him to your follow list to enjoy his reactions to the rest of the season. 

***ALSO***  I love David's Twitter sidebar picture.  It is so Spicoli, right?

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