Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Could Have Been....#BB15

The air in the house is certainly deflated right now.  No one knows who the MVP is, so everyone is on edge knowing they could be the one nominated on Monday to replace Elissa.

Why, the person next to you could be the MVP.  Or the person you fought with last week.

Judd is in some sort of solitary confinement for 24 hours.  They hope he will be out in time for McCrae's birthday party tomorrow.   It doesn't usually last for 24 hours, more like 21 or 22 to minimize Sunday overtime for the crew.

Aaryn is still blonde, so she doesn't have to dye it after all.  I think she may have been saying that the mud was so dark she thought he would be a brunette.

 Andy got all dressed up.

This is the dress I've been waiting to see on Gina Marie.  You know the one....from her video with Jeff.  (You can see that here.)

McCrae has mud in his ears and is very down about the stigma of winning a $5,000 prize.  Jessie assured them that he just found it, and anyone would have kept it.  She doesn't think the amount is large enough to make people want to vote him out.

Kaitlin said it would be different if Aaryn won PoV and McCrae took the money, but things are fine now.  

Gina Marie enjoyed a piece of dried mango.  Andy, who is a Have Not, commented on how tasty they are, and I know he will bitch later about GMZ bogarting the Have Not's treat foods.

Those dried mangos can be tricky.

Elissa fixed a plate of something but then put it in the fridge when McCrae offered her the next shower in line.  She's certainly not gloating.  She's the only relaxed person in there right now, it seems.

Jessie and Amanda were talking about who to put up in Elissa's place, but I don't even know why they are bothering to waste calories on it...neither of them can do anything about it.  The paranoia in there is at an ALL TIME high, but it seems to be a quiet type of panic, since no one knows if they will be the next shocked nominee.

Helen gave McCrae a pep talk, saying to stop talking about the money immediately.  That is good political advice.  Just ignore something and it will go away.  But from McCrae's viewpoint the MVP could be pissed about this, and it is up to them who will take a seat on that nomination couch.

Judd is getting ready to go into isolation and he says he just wants to get it over with.  I saw him eat something and McCrae went upstairs to get Judd's new orange Tennessee blanket for him to take with him to isolation.

McCrae:  There's nothing you can do out here, so just take in some dental floss and play some games and whatever, I don't know...

I'm kind of worried about Judd in there alone.  I know he takes Xanax and maybe some other medications and that he is very anxious in general.  He said this morning that his biggest nightmare is "sittin' around waitin' for things to happen" and he paces constantly, and can't relax.

Being in a small space alone might be the same type of feeling to him as laying in a coffin.  I did that one time at a Halloween party, and it felt like the longest 15 seconds of my life.

If Spencer is worried, he certainly doesn't look it.  What in the world would happen if Helen gets put on the block?  Holy cow some drama would ensue.

 In the HoH Kaitlin finished her shower and chatted with Amanda and Gina Marie.  Andy was up there too for a few minutes, of course.  Amanda says McCrae is freaking out right now, and announces she and McCrae may have their "date night" tonight in the HoH, since Judd won't be there.

I'm sure other people would like to sleep up there, too.  I'll bet McCrae will realize that they need to stay downstairs tonight, to stay with the crowd since they don't know who the MVP is.

But whether he will do it or not will depend on what Amanda wants to do, of course.  She's wearing those pants, and she is the predator in that relationship.  Amanda is actually very polarizing with the fans and she might just get an unpleasant surprise this week.


Elissa came up and they chatted for awhile.   GMZ and McCrae are there, too.  They asked her who didn't seem happy that she won HoH and she said  McCrae, Judd, Candice and Howard.

 She looks so much like Rachel in this picture.  She was pointing at McCrae as she named him as not being happy she won.  She points with her hand upside that common?  I just tried it four times and it didn't feel right at all.

GMZ is fed up with Aaryn and says she has tried so many times to tell her to tone it down and stop rolling her eyes and Aaryn just cuts her off.  Just a few weeks ago GMZ was calling Aaryn "her girl" and now she's pointing a finger at her.  She thinks whoever gets put up can relax, because they all want Aaryn out, it seems.

Elissa left to go get ready because she knows she'll be in the DR later.

 McCrae wondered why she said that to him.  He's pissed.  And worried, of course.

Aaryn came up with her bowl of cereal and they are all trash talking Elissa and they are just positive that Elissa as MVP nominated herself.  They are all providing various "facts" and convincing each other that Elissa pulled some big super strategic move.

Even if McCrae leaves this week (and he certainly won't)  I think he will LOVE the devious fan actions this week.  Allegedly, of course.  (See here.)

Aaryn says Elissa just smiled at her, and offers this as proof of sheer evil.  Andy knew Elissa won by her facial reactions during the reveal of the final scores.  She broke into a huge smile when she saw Aaryn's score.

 Kaitlin says every time she eats a nectarine her tongue gets so itchy.

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