Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TMZ Ambushes The Chenbot and her Husband #BB15

TMZ is like a dog on a bone with this story....they catch Julie Chen with her husband Les Moonves (Head Honcho at CBS) and when Les sees that they want to talk about the Big Brother racism, Les can't get out of that camera shot fast enough.  TMZ is persistent, peppering Julie with lots of specific questions about Aaryn.  Off camera we hear Les Moonves compliment the camera guy for "keeping up with Big Brother".  Julie is poised and gracious, as usual.

You can watch TMZ's  video here.

***ALSO***  I am also a Howard Stern fan, and Howard had beef with Les Moonves for years after being fired from his late night show, etc.  He shared a story, though, about being in the Gucci store in Manhattan with his beautiful wife Beth and sitting down in the lounge area while Beth tried on clothes and shoes.  He said he saw this hot-looking woman in there and realized it was Julie Chen and he and Les laughed about how great it was to just sit there and watch their hot wives model different sexy outfits.

And pay for them, too, I suppose.

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