Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tidbits from This Afternoon #BB15

I took some pictures today as the house guests scurried around getting ready for the show tonight.

Amanda is dressing "like a hippie" tonight, wearing one of Elissa's shirts.  She found some sort of spot or stain on the front of it and apologized, but Elissa graciously said most of her clothes have suffered the same fate in the house this summer.

The bed they are hovering around is the one that they used to sleep in, before they were Have Nots.  McCrae would love to go back to it, but doesn't want to cause any problems.  Judd reminds them that the bed isn't their's until midnight, when their Have Not term officially ends.  Spencer was laying on the opposite bed and said Amanda's perfume smelled like "Gummy Bears in Heaven".

 McCrae goofed around with the camera.  He's a Feedster, you know.

He's a handsome guy, in a very messy room.  BB will probably make them clean up before the show starts tonight.  During the show sometimes people split off to whisper in the bedrooms so I'm sure they don't want America to see everything looking so "authentic".

McCrae says that so far, the Bear Shirt has been worn by somebody for every significant house event, and everyone should take their turn.  I've seen Helen, Candice, and Judd (of course) wear the shirt so far.  Spencer points out that everyone who can fit in it should wear it, and McCrae agrees with that.  (Maybe after a little slop Spencer could squeeze into it, huh?)   I wonder if BB will put that "Never Not" pass back in play, since Jeremy is expected to get the boot tonight?

Amanda's friend gave her the headband and she asked McCrae if she should wear it.  He said yes and then said the last time this happened, she took it off anyway.  So who knows if Amanda will actually wear it.

All of the Have Nots are super hungry so Amanda planned to make a fresh batch of slop for them to eat before the show.  They need their energy tonight.

Jeremy had a little talk with McCrae in the Cockpit to try one last time, and also to let McCrae know that he told  Kaitlin that McCrae would look out for her, and not make her a target and they agreed.

I also heard Jeremy tell Spencer he would probably "lay some concrete" this summer to save the money to go to Vegas after the show for "the reunion".  When Spencer said that the gathering in Vegas is not an official event and is not required, I think Jeremy's response was "the hell with that" but I'm not sure since we went to FISH.  BB doesn't like the Vegas gathering and doesn't want it promoted on their airwaves.

Jeremy is taking this all very calmly but I'm not surprised.  Yes, he is a brat, but he has a very jovial nature and knows that good things are just around the corner for him.  Spencer gave him a few words of advice earlier, too, about staying single long enough to get it out of his system, and not to knock anybody up.  I'm sure Spencer would be happy to get only 6% of the tail Jeremy will get through the end of 2013.


Amanda is cooking up the slop and adds olive oil frequently and we could hear the frying sounds.  Everyone says they love her cooking in the house, so it must be true.  Otherwise we would hear what they have to say about that, too.  Get a load of the dress Kaitlin is wearing tonight for her big scene with Jeremy.  You know, the one at the back door before he walks out to thundering applause.

And check out this pageant hair on Aaryn.  Good lord.  Why would she do that to herself?  It's just too Jon Benet for me and makes her look like she is being punished or something.  I don't think Aaryn can ever make fun of Gina Marie and her Jersey Shore ways again after sporting a hairdo like this.

I think Aaryn is REALLY nervous about the vote tonight.  She knows Jeremy has been doing whatever he can to cut a few last minute deals and has not been scared to grovel.  And she knows Kaitlin wants him around, too.


I saw them standing around in the kitchen today picking at the leftovers from the coffee cake Aaryn made last night.  I don't think baking fresh coffee cakes will keep you in the game, but everybody loves cake and coffee, right?

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