Saturday, July 20, 2013

The World Turns, and Spins Upside Down #BB15

Judd thinks the MVP nomination should "go to hell"  They don't know that America did it, and mention that Howard has been in the DR a lot, and has been making rounds.

Amanda tells Aaryn she can't let Kaitlin win the PoV today.   Aaryn thinks Elissa may have nominated herself, in order to "frame her".  Judd says that this is his worst nightmare, "waitin' around for something".  He has aggression and wants to get it on and play the game now, without waiting around.

Amanda says if Helen wins she will take Elissa off and then Kaitlin can still go home.

Elissa came in to get her cup, and when she left Aaryn says did you see the way she stared at me? Amanda said that this is "Acting Elissa" and that it wasn't real just now.  Judd mentions that she was stressing last night about not being named MVP yet.

Amanda:  That attitude...that you mentioned...has been prevalent in this house.

Judd:  What's prevalent mean?

Amanda explains it and  Judd says she does the strangest things.  Amanda thinks she may have put herself up because she likes to blame other people, and then says she doesn't know, and needs to stop saying this.   Judd is glad to be HoH, and was worried that the twist would hurt him this week.

Aaryn doesn't think the twist has happened yet, and says what if one of the nominees gets some sort of power?  Amanda tells her to stop talking about this.

Amanda:  You already look guilty, so let everyone else speculate for you.

Aaryn:  What do you mean, I look guilty?

Amanda:  Not to me, but in this situation.  It looks like you nominated her.

Amanda tells her she's a good competitor, so get out there and compete.  Amanda can feel things, and she can feel that Judd was not involved with this.    Gina Marie came in and started swearing up and down, on her life, that she didn't make the nomination.

Amanda, interrupting her:  Gina Marie!  No one thinks you did one.

That is why I have grown to love Amanda, and will post the following pictures of her changing clothes right in front of Judd without further comment.  You know I think random tattoos like this are butt ugly and totally unnecessary, but I will not mention it here and by pointing it out.  You know, the  ugly tattoo.

Consider it a gift, Amanda.

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