Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Widow Zimmerman #BB15

Gina Marie is inconsolable, and has been sobbing into Nick's shorts, with his hat on her feet.

Amanda is very soothing, telling her that no one wanted to hurt her, and she and McCrae had to do what was best for them in the game,  and it wasn't personal.

GMZ:   Every day he was liking me a little more...if I just had enough time with him maybe he would like was getting better every day.....I just needed a little more time

Amanda:  He'll be watching you now!  And he wants you to do well..

GMZ:  He won't like me when this is over...he'll find somebody else...

Amanda says I am so very sorry, and come and talk to me when you are ready.


  1. What an utter nut job. And using his shorts as a handkerchief, really? LOL.

  2. I dare not ask the big know, about whether those shorts were clean or not....

    She is very unstable and has talked about her bulima...I hate to say it but I predict Gina Marie will leave the game in an "unscheduled manner".


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