Monday, July 29, 2013

The Scramble for the Next Hot House Guest Shirt #BB15

Julie Chen's little comments to Judd last Thursday night about his Bear Shirt have got everybody scrambling to be part of the action.  It is Amanda's turn to wear the Bear Shirt today for the PoV Ceremony, and Judd has already called dibs on it for the Thursday live show, so he can wear it for the HoH Competition.

Judd's shirt is so popular he has to reserve it now.

Helen is trying to make Andy's kitty cat T-shirt happen, but surely we, the American people, won't allow that.  Let's all agree to just ignore this T-shirt and maybe it will go away.

All of Andy's clothes look like they are from Gymboree, but I guess that is part of his quirky charm.

Amanda put on cut off shorts with Judd's shirt as her final ensemble.  Rough night last night for Amanda.  She made a mistake by sharing something with Andy that she wasn't supposed to, and then called McCrae a pussy when he had the nerve to be upset about it.

(She and McCrae know that Judd made up the lie about hearing Kaitlin saying she was targeting Helen while he was in isolation, and they were supposed to keep that a secret.  So now Amanda just fucked over McCrae and Judd, who will both be exposed as liars over it.)

There were many tears and apologies, and then professions of undying love after the game is over.  All from Amanda, of course.

I'm hoping this gave McCrae the chance to realize he is messing up his game with Amanda.  The best thing that could happen is for her to get blindsided and leave this week.   Over the weekend Judd and Helen were saying that McCrae is spending so much time with Amanda, he might lose a few jury votes if he makes it to the end.

McCrae really lost his temper after the MVP nominations, and pretty much threatened Spencer in the storage room, giving away his alliance in the process.  Then he tried to suck up later and get back in Spencer's good graces. 

But everybody knows that McCranda would never sacrifice each other for someone else.  So they need to get split up now.

Plus, I'm getting really skeeved out by their constant slurpy swapping of fluids.  But on the bright side, I think Amanda would really enjoy some of the glamorous activities that the pre-Jury evictees get invited to.  More on that later...

Gina Marie is wearing one of Andy's shirts today.  They are all locked down outside now waiting for the PoV ceremony to begin.

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  1. "All of Andy's clothes look like they are from Gymboree, but I guess that is part of his quirky charm." This is so true and so fucking funny


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