Monday, July 22, 2013

The Queen of Self Absorbtion #BB

Howard enjoyed a sandwich Helen made for him and sat alone, chewing and drinking his juice.  The tortilla had a crunchy sound as he bit into it.

The cameras had fun, giving us close ups of first Helen, and then Kaitlin.

Elissa sat with him for a moment and talked nonstop about herself.  About how bad she feels, so gross with her period, and how her hair is grossing her out. Howard tried to be polite and comment occasionally, but she was just going on and on about how bad she feels physically.  She must have lost the use of a hot shower as a punishment, because she keeps complaining about how dirty and nasty her hair is.

Elissa:  I just feel like I need to sweat.

She gets Amanda to help her wrap herself with Saran Wrap, so "she can sweat".

 Elissa says she feels "so bloated and gross".

They went into the bathroom so Amanda could cover more ground.  Amanda told her that the comedian Jon Lovitz "started calling her" and when she told her friends this, someone updated his Wikipedia page to mention that Jon started dating Amanda Zuckerman.

(I just's not there anymore.)

Elissa really needs to seek help, I think.  She is one big raving mass of insecurities about the way she looks and thinks she is the center of the universe.  This game is not good for her.

But I could probably say the same thing about at least 30% of the other house guests, too.

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