Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pre-Jury Evictees Put on Their Party Shoes #BB15

So, we all remember Kaitlin kind of shrugging off the whole Jeremy situation in front of Julie Chen on last week's live show, right?  Personally I think she was preparing for Julie to tell give her more bad news, since Julie basically bitch-slapped Kaitlin with her questions during most of the interview.  I thought it was a self-defense move by Kaitlin in preparation for a potential body blow.

I watched Kaitlin's post-eviction interview with Jeff (recap coming soon) and she tried to apologize to Jeremy, saying that she was very salty at the time after her eviction but she missed him.

Anyway, there have been a few little tweets between Jeremy and Kaitlin since then.  Nothing big.  But communication, nonetheless.


And then, James Rhine inserts himself into this scene.  Apparently James lives in Las Vegas now.  Guess where Kaitlin went after her release?  Yep, Las Vegas.

Kaitlin never even heard of Big Brother before casting approached her when she was bartending in Minnesota.  During casting she watched BB7 and BB12.  Guess who was on BB7?   Yep, James Rhine, an All Star.

And Kaitlin doesn't know anything about the long list of Big Brother Lovelies that James Rhine has "encountered" over the years.  Yep, James gets around.  Cassie Colvin, Dani Donato are just two of the Big Brother ladies James has smooched.  Yep.  James Rhine.

Apparently James picked up Kaitlin for a little road trip to LA, in time to go to a BB viewing party for the CBS show last night.  I was following the tweets and wasn't sure if they were going to arrive at their destination at all, after James posted a picture of the sunset.

Then we saw this.  Great picture, great caption.  I wonder what Jeremy thought about this?  James Rhine is as tall as Jeremy, but he is at least 10 years older and has a few things going on.  I saw him in a McDonald's ad, for Crissakes.

I'm sure James just wants to be "good friends".   Maybe they had to stop and pee or something.  That is a long dusty drive they're taking.

A few flirty tweets from James, a few sparks flying...

But you'll be glad to hear they did arrive at their destination, and I think they did find the bar.  Look who's there...Nick Uhas and Jeff Schroeder.  And some other guy.

 Kaitlin in a Rhine-Uhas sandwich.  Talk about some photogenic people..

And the Big Brother Canada people are still lurking around, even though someone probably had to tell Kaitlin who they were.  I think that is Emerald-Topaz back there, and Robyn Kass.

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of ready for the BB Canada people to fade back into the woodwork. 

Don't agree with me?  Maybe this will help.  Remember Liza?

And here is Rachel with Emerald, who goes by the name Topaz.  True story.

 Liza owns a tanning salon.  That would explain her Oompa Loompa-like tint.

 With Big Jeff, who may or may not know that Big Brother now airs a Canada edition.

At least they invited David Girton.  He was tweeting about watching the entire BB Canada season in the past few days.  Maybe he thought there would be a quiz.

Don't hate them yet?  Well, they got to have lunch with Dr. Will and his son Cash.  I hate the way Alec has to mug for every picture like he's at a frat party.

OK.  Enough of that.  So at least we can all agree that Kaitlin has plenty of viable options.  But Jeremy is an artist, so at least he's got that.  This isn't something I would hang over my fireplace, but I kind of like it.  Kind of has an "Abominable Snowman in Hell" type of feel to it.  Good job Jeremy.

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  1. With talent like that he'll make good money in prison with tats


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