Friday, July 26, 2013

The New HoH Gang #BB15

Everyone is sitting around waiting for the Have Not competition.  Andy is super stressed about it--he has been a Have Not for three of the four weeks of the game and is understandably worried about it.

He says if Aaryn comes out of the DR with different colored bandanas he might start bawling.  He does not want to be on a team with Spencer and says Spencer is the primary reason why they lost last week.

Amanda says her team was full of people who were Have Nots only 12 hours earlier, so they ate the effing ice cream like crazy.

McCrae said he was going downstairs to "stuff my fucking mouth with as much food as I can".  Andy would like to, but says he has a big knot in his stomach and may be too worried to eat.  Aaryn encouraged them to go down there and eat.

They can't wait to find out how Elissa is portrayed on the show.  Amanda said if she is portrayed as some sweet little thing who is bullied that she is going to be ill.  McCrae says he wonders about that, too.

McCrae came back upstairs with a sandwich and Amanda threw a  Demanda Hissyfit about how inconsiderate he is not to bring her any food, too.

McCrae:  Well, I said I was going down there and you didn't ask for anything.

Amanda:  I shouldn't have to ask.  I always get something for you every time I get food!

(Then date a woman, Amanda, if you'd like that level of service.  You may be eating sandwiches in Boca Raton within a week if you don't start Shutting Your Hole.)

You think that's peanut butter?  I sure don't see any lettuce or tomatoes.  It appears to include the Brown and Yellow food groups only.

Jessie looks really cute and she and Amanda started going through the list of reasons why they hate Spencer. 

Amanda:  He came in here and said he's single, and now he says he's in love with Marilyn?  What the fuck?

Jessie:  And he said that they've been together for four years and he's thinking about buying a piece of jewelry for her?  Why doesn't he just go fuck himself instead?

(ha ha ha I like Angry Jessie.)

Jessie:  When he said he doesn't decorate for Christmas I just had to stop talking to him!  Did you notice that?  I literally didn't speak to him for the rest of the day.

McCrae said you can tell exactly how things are going in the house by Spencer's actions.  If he is really caring and considerate then you know he is in trouble.  They agree that when he is sarcastic and nasty that is the real Spencer.  Amanda badmouthed the Moving Company and said how stupid it was, seeming to forget her "fiance" is one of the founding members. 


Amanda was very sure that Julie Chen would be discussing her "engagement" on the live show.  Aaryn said when Julie asked McCrae about his birthday Amanda was displaying her ring prominently, waiting to discuss it.

Ha ha ha ha.

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