Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Moving Company May Have a Flat Tire #BB!5

Spencer, Howard and Nick have a somber meeting in the Cockpit.  They assure Nick that he is safe for tonight but know that after the vote there is going to be a lot of "fallout" and they will have "clean up to do".

Nick:  What can I do to make that better?

Spencer:  Make sure you win HoH tonight!

Andy burst in and made up a story about waiting for a haircut but I know he was just trying to spy on who was in there.

After he left Spencer says Helen is going to put him up, because "after Elissa leaves she's gonna be MVP".  Howard agrees that it's going to be tough to clean up in there after tonight.  Nick seems remarkably calm and wants to know who he needs to talk to today about the vote.  Spencer tells him to talk to Judd, and gives some suggested wording for the conversation.

Spencer says that next week is going to be tough, and mentions "Jeremy being an asshole the whole game" as one of their hurdles to overcome.  As Spencer says this we see Jeremy in the living room with his "TV" hairstyle.

I don't think The Moving Company has any idea just how tough things are going to be next week.  Nick had a quick meeting with Andy where Andy repeatedly had to say that Nick was okay tonight.

Nick:  And you're voting out Elissa?

Andy:  Yes.  100%.  But it's really weird in here today because everybody is up in their head about the competition.

They shake and Nick leaves, saying that he trusts him.  Nick goes into the bedroom where he and Gina Marie sit like this for at least 90 seconds or more.


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