Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Have Nots Chowed Down at Midnight #BB15

While the PoV plays out I just watched the Have Not week end on Thursday at midnight.  As usual everyone gathered in the kitchen and a pizza was put in the oven so that it would be ready at the precise time.

A bottle of red was poured, and they waited for the clock to strike twelve.  Judd could have eaten as soon as he won HoH, but he wanted to wait until his Co-Have Nots could eat, too.  The Pizza Boy took the pizza out of the oven and cut it up when there was about a minute to go.  I heard McCrae tell Amanda that he liked to button his shirts like this, "casino style" with only one button fastened.

 Helen led the LOUD cheering as the clock counted down.


 At midnight they all toasted and cheered, and then started eating the pizza.

These two don't look happy, do they?  GMZ has some pretty bad issues with food, from what she has said on the live feeds, so I can't imagine that she ever lets herself enjoy food like this in front of people.

 Kaitlin likes to drink beer.

Amanda doesn't eat the crust.  I had an old boyfriend who called them the Pizza Bones.

McCrae danced around after eating a few bites and said the taste was glorious.

 Judd started chugging down one of his Coronas from his HoH Room.

After nine minutes I heard the girls say that they were getting full, and after 15 minutes it was really slowing down.  Just like Thanksgiving.

Amanda got out a big plate of cookies and started passing them around.  McCrae cut up limes for the Tecate beer.

I was watching Gina Marie, and the cameras were, too.  I was kind of worried about her.

Then the cameras showed us this.  So funny.

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