Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm #BB15

The house guests are preparing for rehearsal and Helen has been busy covering all her bases about the vote tonight to evict Kaitlin.  She has been lying her ass off to people like Spencer and it was pretty impressive.  These pictures were taken over the last few hours, here and there while I work.

Kaitlin and Gina Marie packed their bags.

 Spencer does groom his beard, in case you are wondering.

Helen told Kaitlin she was going to vote her out, and gave her a list of reasons why.  Kaitlin took it very well and presented a  number of counter-arguments to change Helen's mind.

Kaitlin is basically blaming Gina Marie for all of the lies about her, saying she has been trying to get rid of her this week and keep Aaryn.

Kaitlin was one of the most beautiful house guests ever on BB USA, and I know the camera crew will miss her terribly.  I think Kaitlin will get some opportunities from this, maybe from commercials.

McCrae is wearing a tie tonight, and Elissa appears to be wearing some strange combination of a dress and tights.

Elissa is wearing Amanda's headband that she wore on last week's live show.  I think this whole look is ridiculous, but maybe I'm just jealous.  (Not.)

 Jessie looks beautiful and has sequins on her skirt.  She is wearing a pair of Candice's earrings, which seems to be a tradition now for many of the girls.

I hope that isn't Windex that Judd is drinking.  I bought a huge container of Windex at Costco that looks just like that.  Did Judd find his bear shirt?  I know he was looking for it a few days ago but I'm not sure that he found it.

Helen had a very long conversation with Spencer and Andy joined in at some point.   Basically she went on an on about her difficult choice this week and they both blew smoke up the other person's butt about wanting to align together.

Helen updated Jessie about this conversation.  Helen started plowing through some snacks in case she is a Have Not again in a few hours.

 Judd checked in with Candice and Howard in the Have Not room, telling them he feels like crap about the vote tonight.  In his nomination speech he told Kaitlin he was nominating her because no one would vote for her to leave, and he feels badly about it now.

Howard had to do something to the back of Candice's dress.  I think she has lost weight in the house and he is trying to cinch the belt in a little.  She is really a stunning woman, too.

 Helen went in the Cockpit with Andy and Judd to tell them about her conversation with Spencer and then like Beetlejuice Spencer appeared and just sat down in the middle of the group.  Is he just trying to be friendly before the live show?  Or was this a big Fuck You to Helen?  Hard to tell with Spencer, but he can take that as a compliment from me.

Candice walked in to get some more help with her belt and Judd told her she looks almost as pretty as Jessie Clare tonight.  Then he and Spencer laughed and Spencer said a man can't lie about a thing like that.

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