Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Big Brother Express Ran All Night Long. #BB15

There were interruptions all night for the house guests, beginning after BBAD ended, with various "deliveries' from the Big Brother Express in the backyard..  This recap starts around 3:00 am this morning.  Some of the house guests were up and chattering about the "deliveries".  Others were tired and went to bed when they could between interruptions.  Helen is making a fresh pot of coffee to stay alert.  I heard McCrae tell Helen he wanted to "get some brain food on".

Suddenly you could hear a semi truck's whistle in the backyard, and that annoying beeping sound of a truck backing up and they all filed outside to watch.  Spencer calls out "Yeah, yeah" in a "heavy metal" voice as they all scurried to the back door to go outside. Someone yelled "oh Shit" and I think it was McCrae.

The live feed went to Trivia as I heard Helen say "it's the same" and started immediately assigning people different areas of focus so they could divide and conquer.  Amanda is barking orders at people, too.  The cameras come back up as Andy announces "the only thing different is the pounds....and the time is different, too."  There is silence as they all stand and stare, the wheels turning in their heads.

There is whispering, too, as people repeat things to themselves and the people they share info with.

Someone burps really loudly and McCrae takes time for a smoke. 

Andy wonders if it's been an hour "since the last one" and Helen says no.  I think she is aware of GMZ (an enemy) standing right there listening, but Andy doesn't seem to get that.

Andy:  Has it been longer?

Helen:  Um....yeah.

GMZ turns around, looking for her people, and as Jeremy joins the group she tells him "nothin' pulled out yet".

They stood behind a "velvet rope" and waited for the choo choo train to arrive.  There is some sort of "gate" set up and they struggle to read arrival and departure times from where they are standing.    As a longtime BB fan I know they should pay attention to the order that items come along, and maybe something offbeat like the colors or design of the BB Express logo that you see here, or how many logos are out there.  BB always likes to test the things that aren't as blatantly obvious.

Helen:  Where are the damn boxes?  Let's get going, dude.

When it arrives it is carrying T-shirts and other small items.   I see the beaks of some of the BB14 flamingos sticking out of one of the boxes, so maybe all of the items are left over from other seasons' challenges, costumes, etc. 

Are those empty slop buckets stacked up there?  Kaitlin is sharing her blankie with Aaryn as you can see here.  I hear lots of whispering, too.

After the first trip around the train comes around again, and I see a box labeled "pink bandanas" and also a stuffed giraffe or two.  Howard sleeps without a shirt, apparently, and may or may not be getting touchy-feely with Candice at night, since they have been sharing a bed since her Have Not term ended.

Ever the rebel, Jeremy walks off as the BB Express makes it's third trip around the tracks. He's just that confident.  Bravo, Jeremy, you have balls.  Bravo.  I would think this is highly intimidating for the other house guests.

The train keeps on rolling down the tracks.  Spencer must feel right at home.

Helen and Elissa are right on it, staring and Elissa is talking silently to herself as the train rumbles down the tracks.  Helen Kim won't be walking off before that train is long gone, we can be sure of that.

They are kind of a cute couple, particularly when Amanda isn't trying so hard to look like a cute couple.  McCrae closes his eyes and is reciting something to himself, moving his cigarette in the air to the beat of the count.

As much as I'd hate to see Nick leave tonight, if McCrae jumps ship on the MC and turns on them it's going to set up some very exciting drama and will make him even more of a fan favorite.

Judd just came up behind McCrae and McCrae silently handed him his cigarette so Judd could take a few pulls on it.  Judd was hidden behind Spencer but handed it back within 10 seconds and McCrae resumed counting with it.

The action ended as abruptly as it started, as somehow they all knew that the show was over.  Maybe the lights dimmed or something because they all turned around and started trudging back into the house.

Except Gina Marie, who motioned to Nick and brought him over to point something out.  Most likely the times posted on the "gate".

 GMZ reports that Amanda was "using macaroni" to study for the fucking competition and Nick jokes about "getting that bitch disqualified".

GMZ:  Do you think we can do that?  Use something to study too?  It's not writing...

The smokers congregate on the patio to discuss the latest delivery.  All of these people really, really want to win HoH and I really, really love that.

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