Monday, July 1, 2013

Slow Simmer #BB15

Jessie is reading the New Testament that she borrowed from McCrae last night.  He brought it with him this summer so he would have something to read.  (They don't allow any reading materials besides religious ones, apparently.)

Aaryn is in the DR, so Kaitlin needs to talk to somebody, so she picks Jessie.  Ironically, she starts complaining about the way Jeremy is treating her, and how immature he acts.  Kaitlin is not about to let a "communications major" get the best of her!

(Newsflash:  A degree means NOTHING unless you can put those skills into action.)


Jessie listens, and murmurs words of support when necessary. 

Kaitlin:  We've only known each other like, eleven days! 

But then, just a few minutes later, Jeremy jumps in the pool and Kaitlin has apparently forgiven him enough to allow full body contact in the pool.

And that Jeremy seems to be everywhere, all the time, without anyone thinking anything about it.  He's now sitting on the couch with Amanda and Judd, who are both enjoying an afternoon smoke.

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