Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shit Just Got Real for Elissa Slater #BB15

And she went in the Have Not room where Candice and Howard were sitting close together on those airplane seats.   She's smiling but is obviously accusing Howard of nominating her for eviction.

Elissa:  You know everyone wanted me to nominate you last week, don't you?  Everyone did, and I didn't do it.

Candice:  Oh, I know.  I was up there being bullied about it.

Elissa:  But Howard do YOU know?

Howard: Oh, I know.

Candice says maybe Kaitlin put her up, and Elissa says only Judd, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Howard were in the DR last night.

Candice:  They want to know about our showmance...they are obsessed with it.  And the ice cream, too.

Elissa is not satisfied.

Howard:  I kept messin' up and had to do it over.

Elissa:  What do you mean, messing up?

Howard:  I kept saying artichoke, and not anchovy.

We have a brief FISH but when we return BB lets Howard talk about Production as he describes what he kept saying in the DR, and what they wanted him to say.  Elissa just stares at him and you can see her cute polka dot fingernails in this picture.

Elissa says Spencer was in the DR too, and might be doing it just to screw with them.  Now BB scolds Howard, but he already said plenty about what goes on in the DR.  Elissa says that Kaitlin looked her dead in the face and told her she wasn't the one who did it.

Elissa:  But she went in the DR right after that and she doesn't have any makeup on, and her hair in a pony tail.  And if she knew she had an important interview coming up, she would have gotten ready for it.

Candice points out that Kaitlin is a natural beauty and often goes without makeup in the house.  They wonder if America is mad that Jeremy left, but Candice says no, nobody would like Jeremy, but maybe America feels badly about Kaitlin.

Elissa thanks them for supporting her, and starts turning on the charm, but then turns nasty again and fires another question at Howard, asking him if "he's sure he's not the MVP".

Elissa can't make up her mind how to act.  Last night on BBAD Howard and Candice had a conversation about how Elissa bullies people with her power.  Just like now, even though she is bullying them with her lack of power.  I will be posting that BBAD recap soon, BTW.

Elissa says nominating her is too's not strategic or creative in the slightest.

I disagree Elissa, and think you need to start getting your ass ready for the competition today.  Get up and get ready, girl.  And she better talk to Helen about a game plan in case they have a chance to work together to knock someone out.

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