Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random Pictures and Tidbits #BB15

I'm cleaning out my photo file so I will post these instead of just deleting them.  This interesting picture of McCrae is from last night, I think.

I think this is the base for the Bandana Ball.  This is McCrae as he sits in the HoH waiting for the PoV to start.

This is McCrae trying to see what he would look like bald, in case this is the day that the PoV includes prizes and punishments.  He said he doesn't want to have to shave his head this early in the game, but is ready to sign up for the Chum Bath as soon as possible.  His nickname is the "Chumlord" apparently, so he is excited about this important opportunity.

Kaitlin was in the HoH saying she really needs to shave her legs before the PoV competition, because they were so gross and hairy.


Kaitlin:  If I'm out there and they show a close up of my legs I'll just die.

Ha ha ha.  I love the camera crew sometimes.  And here is Kaitlin enjoying a bagel after the exciting PoV Player Pick ceremony.  I heard Elissa comment on Kaitlin not wearing makeup before the ceremony, but does Kaitlin look like she needs it to you?  Me neither.

And here is Elissa just after the ceremony concluded, as she marched into the bedrooms and was consoled by her friends cast mates.

As usual, Candice's earrings are MONSTERS.  That's her thing, you know.

Howard tells her to go out there and "have fun with the competition".  Right.  Like that's going to happen.

 Helen told her to go out there and win that PoV so she can rub everybody's face in it.

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