Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pssst....I Hate Elissa....Don't Tell Anybody...#BB15

Amanda and Jessie whisper and giggle.  They aren't too worried about leaving this week, apparently.

 Aaryn came in and they jumped up.

Aaryn and Jessie tried to guess where everyone would sleep and Aaryn says if Andy doesn''t want to sleep with GMZ he can come up and sleep with her.  Jessie says maybe she can have a few random sleepovers.

Aaryn says Kaitlin didn't even speak to her for the last week and it hurts her that Kaitlin didn't even say goodbye to her.  She knows this is a game but she felt really close to Kaitlin from the very start.

Elissa went in the bathroom to cry.  We know this because she didn't turn the faucet on before she went in.

Judd waited until she came out and asked her if she is okay and gave her a little hug.  She was really busy looking in the mirror while this went on, but Judd told her that he doesn't think she will be the target, and she must be happy to have someone to lie to her so sweetly.  I know I would.

Helen is telling Candice that she thinks Howard may go on the block, but she needs to trust Helen because Helen would like to vote Spencer out instead.  Helen doesn't want to talk to Elissa about this because she can't be trusted to keep it to herself.

Candice maintains the pose with her arms crossed, and brings up Amanda and McCrae several times.  First to ask if they are in agreement to sent Elissa home.  Helen assured her that McCranda thinks Elissa is "looney tunes".  Then Candice wondered if the two of them could work with Aaryn to get Amanda out this week.  Helen acknowledged this, but kept pushing that everyone wants Elissa out.

Helen wonders who Candice would want on the block with Howard, and Candice says she would rather Spencer be up there.  Candice is very defensive with her arms crossed, but it is interesting that she starts rocking back and forth on her feet and Helen mirrors that motion, back and forth at the same speed.

Body language is fascinating.  If Helen were doing this on purpose it would truly make her a frightening opponent.

And now with the arms.

Candice is totally playing for "Howie" now.  Maybe that is a good cover for her own ambitions. 

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