Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pre-Show Jitters and Plans #BB15

Elissa and Candice spoke quickly in the Have Not Airport.  Candice is reminding her of the order of things from the Big Brother Express last night and calls out the colors in a sing-song voice ending with "green is for the money" and then explains that is how she remembers things.

Elissa tells her to be quiet, but Candice says there is no one out there right now.  They then start talking trash about Aaryn, as Elissa reports that Aaryn was rolling her eyes behind Candice as she was speaking.

Candice made some disparaging remarks about Aaryn's Miss Teen Texas pageant and says she's giving out information about herself to the group a bit at a time, because "you don't get it all at once from her".

(So I guess she is still withholding the fact that she was Miss Louisiana.  Or whatever her title was, it was much higher than Aaryn's and she and Elissa know that.)

 I don't know if you can see all of the plastic bags in Elissa's suitcase, but everything seems to be individually-wrapped and it is all noisy in that room as she roots around in there.

Andy came in there with Jessie and started telling her over and over that she needed to vote Nick out tonight, no matter what they all tell her right before the live show starts.  (They are going for a blindside and want to keep their plans secret.)   He repeats this over and over and Jessie tells her that Spencer has been really hard to deal with today.

Andy:  Even without Spencer and Howard we have the votes.  We have the votes!

Once satisfied, Andy starts drilling Jessie with information he memorized from the BB Express and she seems to know it all, too, as she enjoys her bagel with cream cheese.

Andy gets up to leave as Helen comes in and they are joyous about what is going to happen tonight.  Helen starts drilling Jessie with competition info but then tells her that Spencer is so messed up right now.

Helen: He tried to play both sides of the house and I called him on it....I think he's going to vote with us because he's scared shitless.  And next week it's him....he's out of here!  I'm like, Fuck You you're out of here!

Jessie doesn't want to seem like a "switcher" in the game so she's worried about that.

Helen:  Ian Terry switched last year and he won the game, so don't worry about that....just don't switch every week...

Now Helen drills Jessie with things to remember and she has a method to remember each item and has related each item group to numbers from one to ten.

Helen:  Five was teddy bears, and just remember that my son loves teddy bears, and he's five!

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