Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pile of Filth #BB15

Look at the mess in the bathroom.  Everyone just keeps stepping on the wet nasty pile of towels.  Don't they know where those towels have been?  And what they were doing?

Judd may be a Have Not because he is so tired today.  He's hosting the PoV but doesn't know yet if he will wear a costume for it.  He probably will.

Judd:  I hope it's not like Gina Marie's...

Spencer:  I hope it is exactly like Gina Maries..

Judd:  I hope it's more like McCraes..

Speencer's friend grows a beard every year at tax time so he can get hired to stand outside and hold the Liberty Tax sign.  They only hire certain people to portray Uncle Sam, but Spencer says "anybody" can be the Statue of Liberty.

 Judd says he has been smoking too much, but the other day he had one cigarette left in the pack and the next day it was gone.

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