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Paranoia Overtakes Amanda, as Howard Threatens To... #BB15

Yesterday afternoon it seemed like a lazy, uneventful day.  People sitting out in the backyard, smoking and shooting the breeze.  This part of the week is usually really boring for the house guests.  They have a long stretch of time with no events planned, and you know what they say about idle hands....

After the PoV Ceremony on Monday morning, the nominees are in place, and then the next big event is Thursday night, when either Howard, Candice, or Amanda will leave the house.  This happened around 12:30 pm BBT.

OK.  So Amanda was sitting on the couch, bumming cigarettes off Judd, and Spencer was chatting with them as they speculated about the upcoming HoH competition.  You could tell that Amanda was agitated, because she didn't make eye contact with anyone while she spoke, looking off in the distance.

Amanda:  This is the only time that you'll hear me say this, but I hope the HoH is endurance...

Spencer:  You think you'll win?

Amanda:  No, but the people who are with me will.  McCrae is like a little spider monkey up there.

Spencer:  You think he will win?

Amanda:  It depends on how fired up he is...and who is still up there.

It is obvious that she was trying to point out that Spencer wouldn't have a prayer of winning an endurance HoH, and she was threatening Spencer with the threat of McCrae winning HoH.  (That is very weak of Amanda, and practically screams "evict me", if you ask me.)

Then Judd got up to go inside or something, and Amanda addressed Spencer directly, without looking at him, telling him that "she knows what he is trying to do, and it won't work".  She told him he doesn't have the votes to evict her, and then Spencer just let her have it, without flinching.

Spencer, in a normal tone:  Look  you can't threaten me.  I'm not some punk ass bitch and I don't give a fuck what you say.  Shut up Amanda.

He just kept overtalking her and she kept babbling about how people were going to protect her from leaving.  Spencer said he would rather Candice leave than Howard, but he knows that Howard would have to start campaigning against Candice to stay, and his moral code would not allow him to do that.

Amanda and Spencer went around and around, with her saying in one moment that they never had a real alliance, and then saying that if no votes are cast toward her on Thursday, then she will trust Spencer again.

Spencer:  Why would I want to align with someone who just said they never trusted me?

Amanda tried to patch it up by saying that she was "truly happy for Spencer when he won the PoV," and it was a great outcome for her.

Spencer:  Thank  you, I appreciate that.

Amanda:  I swear on my life, that I was happy for you...

Spencer:  You don't have to swear on anything...

At some point Judd and McCrae joined the group.  I could tell that Judd was nervous because he kept moving to different places, first in a lounge chair, and then on the couch next to Amanda.  McCrae joined them, too, but he Knew His Role and Shut His Hole and just sat there and looked miserable.  Maybe he is facing the fact that Amanda is ruining his chances of winning Big Brother 15.  He made no effort to defend Amanda.  He just sat and listened, perhaps wondering if Amanda's big jugs were worth giving up $500,000.  (Answer:  No. They are not.)

Helen and Elissa joined them, and of course Helen had to start running her yap to try to smooth things over and placate Spencer.  Helen repeated several times to Spencer that "she knows that making Jury is one of Spencer's dreams, and she wants to support that".

Spencer just stared her down behind his sunglasses, and I can guess what he is thinking.  I heard him tell Aaryn that "someone" told him he would be nominated every week until he is evicted, and this pissed him off.  He told Aaryn he refuses to just sit back and let "someone else" run the game and dictate his fate.  I believe he would love to eliminate Helen any way he can in this game.

(I'm actually afraid of Spencer, and picture him strangling Helen with a pair of her sweatpants and then dumping her little body in the large trash can where she would never be found.  Because they don't take the trash out very often, of course.)

(This is my imagination only, but if Spencer came to my door to say, install my cable box or unclog my kitchen sink I would make sure he was never standing between me and the front door if at all possible.  He just looks like a creepy serial killer to me, but I respect his swagger in the BB game.)

OK.  Let's fast forward to around 5:00 pm.  Helen is sitting in the backyard with Elissa, Candice and McCrae, and they are "studying" for the upcoming competitions by going over the facts.  And by this I mean Helen is drilling McCrae with all of the important days in the game, and the events that happened.

Helen:  Day 13 is the Barbecue day...think of it as eating 13 gallons of barbecue sauce, or whatever.  And Day 16 is like Sweet 16, and we had the baby Have Not competition...

At one point Amanda came and sat down directly in front of McCrae, and then left a few minutes later.  She did not appear to want to join the group, just to say something to McCrae.  (You'd think her behavior would be a little more inclusive this week, since she's on the block, but whatever.)

Helen was going on and on and on about the Popsicle competition that McCrae won, really elaborating on every single emotion and feeling that she had as she tried to hang on to the popsicle, when the camera quickly shifted to this at 5:10:04.

 That is Amanda in the kitchen, but you can't even see her head because Howard's head is covering it, with his hat.  On Camera #3 we hear McCrae saying "I don't know" about the Popsicle situation, and I see Howard dip his head up, and then Amanda move her head closer to him, like this.

We hear McCrae say again that "I don't know if I'll do as good in the next competition", and we see Howard move back in for more whispering, using his right arm for emphasis.

Finally we hear the audio from this shot, as Howard pulls up and backs away, laughing softly.  I heard Amanda say "thank you" and then the cameras move back to the backyard.  This concluded at 5:10:11, only 7 seconds after it started.

I watched this footage from Camera #4, too, but it was the exact same video and footage.  Then, on Camera #1 at 5:10:48, after Howard has just left the kitchen, Amanda tells Andy that Howard just told her that "after he gets out of here, he's going to fuck the shit out of her", because she's "so fucking hot".

Judd was in the kitchen, too, and mumbled a follow up question.

Amanda repeats it for him.

Amanda:  I swear on my fuckin' life.  That just creeped me out.

Judd:  I didn't hear the first part of what you said...

Amanda:  He said, when we get out of here I'm going to fuck the shit out of you.

Judd is stunned, saying "WHAAAAT?"

Amanda:  Don't say anything...I don't want to cause anything...

Amanda tells them that she thinks Howard wants to "derail what is going on with that comment" and she doesn't want to mention it anymore.

So, is that what Howard said?  That Amanda was hot and he was going to fuck the shit out of her after the game ends?  The two of them clearly had some sort of whispered conversation that ended awkwardly.   Online the Super Fans are saying that Amanda had a smile as she said "thank you", so she must be lying, but I'm not so sure.  I think she was shocked.

(I had a situation one time where I got promoted and was moving across the country.  My team had a party for me the night before I left, and one of the managers who reported to me called me the next morning when I was on the way to the airport and made an inappropriate comment similar to what Howard said.  I really was stunned and just kind of told him good luck and hung up.  I could have had him fired, but I just ignored it and left the state.  Later I had lists of things I should have said, but none were really appropriate on my end, either.  Two wrongs don't make a right.)

I don't think Production will allow much further conversation about this.  Howard already presents litigation issues.  After his comments about how "they must want to see this" the disclaimers started appearing on the live feed screens, on the CBS shows, and also on the BBAD broadcasts.  (You can see that here.)

The last thing they need is someone like Amanda screaming that Howard threatened her.  Hell no. 

Andy went up to Aaryn while she was washing dishes and told her that "Howard said something sexual to Amanda."

Aaryn:  Ooo.  That's disgusting.

Elissa:  Has he ever said anything like that to you?

Aaryn:  No...but I live in a college town, so something like that might not register with me.  I want to hear what he said to her, though.

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