Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Shomances Like, Suck #BB15

Aaryn and Kaitlin are extra annoyed today, as they sit outside and stew about the way they are being treated by David and Jeremy.  Kaitlin reports that she is "giving Jeremy the cold shoulder" today, and keeping him at a distance after his behavior last night.

(Everyone waited until after midnight to drink booze last night so that the Have Nots could drink, too, but Jeremy apparently bogarted a bottle of red wine and drank it all himself, which is cause for the guillotine in the BB house.)

Kaitlin:  He's a fucking communications major, and I'm not going to let him play me like that!  I feel like he could just be using me and will flirt with everybody.  Get this.....he told me that he thinks we were both put in this house for a reason...can you fucking believe that?

Aaryn:  David told me that he's been looking for someone for so long....and he thinks there is a reason why we met in this house.

Kaitlin:  Yep, that's the same thing I got.  They are telling each other what to say to us!

Aaryn:  Well, outside of here I would have peaced out a long time ago.

Kaitlin:  Well, fuck him.

Aaryn:  Fuck this whole house!

Kaitlin:  The whole house?  We've got a long way to go in here.  We've go to do whatever we can to keep David safe.

Aaryn:  No way he's leaving...everyone hates her (Elissa).

Aaryn decides to get in the pool but is upset about how loose her bikini top is getting.  She deputizes Jessie to help her re-tie it so that it fits better.

Aaryn gets in the water to cool off, then made the effort to lay down before realizing that her microphone was on the other side of the pool, so she got up to get it and the cameras whirred like crazy to capture Aaryn's every move.

Kaitlin came over and whispered something in Aaryn's ear.  Or maybe she just wanted to get in on Aaryn's camera time.  

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