Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OK, OK. Because You Asked For It.... #BB15

I have been asked about this a few times now, so I'll post it.  Before I do, let me tell you that I do not publish nudity on this site.  Maybe a few flashes of skin, but there are plenty of other places where you can go to see the Big Brother nudie shots.

These pictures are NOT nude.

OK.  On Sunday night the cast was getting their drink on, and around 11:30 they were getting sassy out in the backyard.  Note that the TVGN cameras turned off at 11:00, so maybe they felt like they could blow off a little steam.

Gina Marie put on a sexy outfit and did a little dance for Nick and Spencer.  Jessie looked like she was running around with just underwear on.  And Amanda was sitting on the backyard couch, smoking and wearing a towel and a fedora.  And bandages on her nipples, as we will soon see.

BB announces:  Amanda, please put your microphone on your shirt.

Everyone laughs as Amanda calls out that she has no shirt on, and she says "Zing" and then proceeds to take down the towel and expose herself.

Like this:

See the bandages?  Remember this is not nudity!  Amanda just sat there like that and made no motion to cover herself as everyone gawked and the guys high-fived each other and said how, like, totally awesome Amanda is.


And they all laughed.  Amanda attached the microphone to the tape on her chest, as you can see below, and just sat there.  She's a nudist, right?

Amanda:  Do you think this will be on the internet?

McCrae:  Yeah, it is right now!

Spencer:  Oh, it's already all over the internet.

Helen was sitting nearby and said Amanda did have nice boobs, and they joked about Gina Marie attaching her microphone to her nipple ring.

After a few minutes Amanda wasn't getting attention anymore, so she kind of gradually pulled up the towel to cover herself.

What's the point now, anyway, of her putting the towel back up?

And where do they get these people?  And don't you think the end may be near for all of us?


I almost forgot, or maybe I tried to forget that Spencer asked Amanda if one of her "titties" would fill up the hat so with no dignity whatsoever Amanda put that hat over her right boob and left it there for a moment.  Elissa pointed out her's are bigger than Amanda's but did not appear to want to show them.

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