Friday, July 5, 2013

Nominations are Coming Soon #BB15

Andy, McCrae and Amanda discussed different names for children and dogs.  McCrae wants his kids to have totally unique names.  Amanda likes the name Lux for a child (or Luxe).  Her dog's name is Baxter, and McCrae thinks Larry is a great name for a dog.

Amanda wants to get this over with, and wonders what takes so long.  McCrae says the process takes a long time, from the HoH's perspective.

In the HoH Aaryn jokes that she might have Clownie makes the nominations.  She knows that her step sister sent Clownie to the show specifically to embarrass her and she tells her to fuck off.  She describes the best way to answer pageant questions.  I think she was fairly successful in the pageant world.

Jeremy and Kaitlin have a private moment in bed, right in front of about five people.  Kaitlin has some sort of horrible urinary tract infection that makes peeing painful and difficult.  She has no problems discussing the specifics of this with anyone who wants to hear it.

Apparently Elissa is very ill and has severe stomach pain.  They have been talking about what will happen if she leaves the game, but I have no idea if it is that serious or not.

McCrae and Amanda rock on the hammock.  She says his socks stink and he admits he wore them yesterday, too.  She questioned him about his underwear and he admits it is the same pair he wore yesterday, but he had on swim trunks all day yesterday and he took a shower before putting them back on.

Amanda:  What are you looking at, my high waisted pants?  Your baby booming in there?

McCrae:  What are you talking about?  I don't even know why ou're talking about that!


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