Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nick Uhas, Man of Mystery and Famous Connections #BB15

We all know Nick Uhas was an interesting BB15 house guest.  He was a virtual chatterbox during his pre and post season BB interviews, but seemed to Know His Role and Shut His Hole inside the house.

I certainly didn't hear him discuss knowing any semi-famous or famous people, or brag about having connections to the rich and fabulous.

But now that Nick is back on the East Coast, he apparently did what ever other Manhattanite does over the summer....he hauled ass to the Hamptons.

This picture features iconic fashion designer Betsey Johnson on the far left, and also her daughter Lulu Johnston, who is also in the family business.  I'm assuming that the dude in the hat is with Lulu, because I think she is a wife and mother but of course I don't know for sure.  I can see his name is John Hyland, but I have no idea what his connection to this scene is.   I'm not flitting around with the rich and famous, I'm just sitting here in my home office far, far away.  Nick may be wearing the same outfit that he wore in his interview with Jeff.  Maybe he went straight to the airport and then got in the car with Lulu and her Fedora Dude for the drive out east.  A power move, indeed.

And Nick also posted this picture of himself enjoying cereal in the middle of the night.  Then he kind of got into it with a few Twitter fans, telling them the milk is 1% fat and how good it is to ingest fat, blah blah blah.  Even at 3:00 am with presumably a good buzz on Nick is still a Human Encyclopedia.
I am going to follow Nick on Twitter, in case he starts Tweeting out his thoughts (and especially his criticisms) as he watches the rest of the BB15 season from where ever he may be.  You know, Palm Beach, Bal Harbor, Palm Springs, Dubai...

Although it would be funny if Nick totally yanks our chains and never mentions BB again.  Ha ha. Keep us guessing, Nick.


I knew Nick has some sort of You Tube channel and does a show of some sort, but I never did any poking around until today.  Here is a video of Nick skydiving with Lulu Johnson and the footage of them in the air, mugging for the camera is fantastic.  Nick really does belong on Survivor.  Enjoy.

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